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System Selection Templates

Software Requirements, Request for Proposal, & System Evaluation - Totally Unbiased, No Vendor Influence or Connection!

These Toolkits are designed to obtain ALL the information needed for each major phase of a system selection project, listed as Requirements, Request for Proposal (RFP), and Software Selection.  Choose software best suited to your needs. 

Each Toolkit incluses thousands of criteria with an all-inclusive set of specific tools to address all issues that may come up within each phase of the selection process. This starts with Intitial User Needed, and ends with "Go Live" of the new system.

Reliably select software by thoroughly analyzing proposed software with evaluation & selection tools that provide the robust suitability, supportability, and financial information needed to choose the best software.  Accouratly identifies Real-Time capabilities.

NOTE: Each application specific RFP Template Toolkit includes ALL of the others listed below.

The Toolkits below provide and optimize ALL system selection processes relevant to each.  The number of indivisual template tools included in each Toolkit is listed.

Requirements Toolkit

Contains seven (7) individual tools covering all possible requirements situations.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Toolkits

Extremely comprehensive, & user receive software features updates as available for 12 months! Each Toolkit below contains EVERTHING to select software.

Evaluation and Comparison of Vendor RFP Response

All RFP Toolkits include BOTH complete FINANCIAL and ECONOMIC evaluation tools with GRAPHICS!



Software Requirements - Unbiased and Comprehensive

This Requirements Toolkit provides everything needed to completely identify ALL your software and system requirements!  Much more than a "software features list" is needed to correctly identifying the complete list of the system requirements needed for YOUR company! It using these checklists loaded with thousands of application-specific criteria to perform: 

IDENTIFY ALL end-user operational needs!

Determine specificaly why and how problem come up, and what is needed to correct them.

COLLECT system features and requirements.

Identify WHERE all items used in a specific process are and then TRACK them!

CALCULATE the "Importance Level" of all criteria

Determine HOW IMPORTANT each requirement is to your company in a consistent way. Identify YOUR business needs specifications.

LOCAT hidden "Exception Case" requirements

These hard-to-find, critical software requirements must be addressed if a new system is to be implemented on-time and on-budget.

PERFORM "GAP Analysis"

Enables you to designate WHERE, WHEN, and HOW MUCH of a GAP exists between your organization's current needs and and your current software system.


Request for Proposal (RFP) Templates

These extensive, state-of-the-art RFP criteria for software address ALL of today's criteria, and ensure that NO business requirements or software features "slip through the cracks". All are in a quantitative format that guarantees vendor responses will be meaningful, consistent, and easy to compare. All questions are professionally prepared by application specialists to address BOTH the STANDARD features and EXCEPTION CASE software functions required.

THOUSANDS of System Features

Workflow/BPM Processes (End-to-End if needed)

Track Madification Location and Cost

Critical Report Setup and Speed

End-to-End (E2E) Business Process

Multiple "What-If" Comparison

External Integration ; Unseen "exception case"


Vendor Response Comparison and Evaluation

The most difficult step in selecting software is that of evaluating and comparing vendor RFP responses to the RFP. Due to this need, all Infotivity RFP Templates come with a Software Selection Toolkit containing ALL of the vendor response evaluation, comparison, and selection tools shown below on this page. Also available separately, see details at bottom.
Easily integrated with another RFP because they are organized by BUSINESS FUNCTION


Compare proposed system software features side-by-side faster and more accurately


A side-by-side comparison the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor proposal from a practical perspective,


Illustrates in detail and in a side-by-side comparison the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor proposal from a practical perspective.


HOW each vendor is planning to deliver the proposed system

In-Depth Financial Analysis Ratios

View key financial ratios such as Payback Period, Present Value (PV), Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and others.


Ensures all vendor responses (proposals) will be consistent by forcing vendors to choose from the same list of possible responses when responding to the RFP. This makes vendor response evaluation and comparison at the detail level very EASY, FAST, and most importantly, ACCURATE.

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