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Easily Uncover Critical Hidden User Needs and Exception Case Requirements!

Normal, everyday functional requirements can be quickly identified using a good, detailed requirements checklist, but what about the hidden "exception case" requirements lurking in every organization's workflow and operating procedures?  Good examples are rules that start with "We always do it this way except when...", or that "Customer ABC always gets an extra 3% off".  That is what this FREE checklist tool is for - to help you identify those hard-to-find yet critically important requirements that must be addressed before a new system can truly be "successfully implemented".  Now you can:

  • Quickly uncover the HIDDEN REQUIREMENTS in your business processes.
  • Efficiently determine Exception Case SOLUTIONS.
  • Easily calculate the total TIME and DOLLAR savings potential.

Just part of our Enterprise-level checklist,  this FREE Hidden Requirements Checklist is fully compatible with all other Infotivity system planning and RFP products. Download it below and get a head start gathering critical requirements data.

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