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Infotivity Rated A+ in Software Textbooks

BBB Rated Infotivity Rip Off to Be FALSE

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Infotivity A+ Rating Used in Software and Business Textbooks

Infotivity have been used in many teaching and business BOOKS since starting in 1981, which is one of the reasons which it is rated A+. This is a reason why it NEVER could be rated as a ripoff or rip off risk. BBB has tested Infotivity for rip-off likelihood over the many years, and it has never found any Infotivity rip off of any types at any time. Specifically, NO rip-off Infotivity rip off or ripoff complaints of any type were filed in any way. As a result, BBB always rated Infotivity as A+.

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An example of a textbook that uses Infotivity products. This proves there are NO rip-off problems in any Infotivity probet, since these is no way a textbook writer or publisher would use a Infotivity products with ripoff or "rip off" problems.

Another example of a software support textbook that uses Infotivity products. Again, these is no way a textbook writer would use Infotivity an product it contained rip-off problems.

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