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This Request for Proposal (RFP) checklist lists the capabilities an RFP must have before it can be used to quickly and accurately obtain vendor RFP responses in the consistent format required for truly useful "Apples-to-Apples" comparison and evaluation.

RFP Template Capabilities & Comparison

RFP Masters
RFP Usage Help? YES ? Ensures the fast and accurate vendor responses to your RFP needed to keep your project on-schedule.
Totally Customizable? YES ? Enjoy the ability to change any aspect of the RFP - questions, colors, headings, formulas, anything at all.
Add, Change, or Delete RFP Questions? YES ? Enjoy the benefits of an RFP that communicates all your needs to vendors, in the manner best for your project.
Vendor Input Validation? YES ? Ensures consistent vendor responses. Enjoy fast & accurate scoring, comparison, and evaluation of proposed systems.
User-Defined Weighted Scoring? YES ? You define the "weight" given to each RFP question, with the final "Weighted Score" calculated based on vendor response value, delivery method, and risk.
Importance Level? YES ? Use this OPTIONAL Function to tell vendors How Important a Specific Feature is to Your Organization. (Separate from Weighted Score Above)
Are Enhancement Costs collected for each criteria, in detail, as needed? YES ? Ideal for enhancement decision-making purposes. Ensures you pay only for work actually performed by vendors.
Single Column RFP Response Format? YES ? A single column ensures fast, easy side-by-side comparison of vendor RFP responses (proposals).
Are Vendor Responses Scores Automatically Calculated? YES ? Why waste time manually reading & scoring vendor responses to thousands of criteria? The RFP template should do it automatically!
Is Weighted Grade Scoring Automated? YES ? An automatically calculated, quantitative score for HOW WELL a proposed system FITS your specific needs.
Is Supportability Scoring Automated? YES ? Enjoy more accurate Total Cost of Ownership projections. This automatically calculated score indicates HOW MUCH SUPPORT a system will require over its lifetime.
Risk Assessment? YES ? Know in advance how much RISK is associated with each vendor RFP response (proposal).
Vendor Response Analysis? YES ? See where a vendor's response has problems, and how the vendor will work around it. Can the vendor actually do what they say they are going to do?
Use on Many Projects? YES ? Use the RFP repeatedly, on many projects.
FREE Support? YES ? Telephone support is always FREE. Receive help and advice from experts in your project application area.
Response Evaluation
Side-by-Side "Apples-to-Apples" Vendor Response Comparison? YES ? Consistent vendor responses ensure easily compared RFP responses (proposals) are obtained from vendors.
Side-by-Side "COLOR CODED" Vendor Response Comparison? YES ? Color-coding each vendor response makes comparing thousands of criteria easier and more accurate.
Side-by-Side Vendor Response "WEIGHTED SCORE" Comparison? YES ? Accurately calculate and compare how well each vendor response FITS your needs.
Side-by-Side Vendor Response "SUPPORTABILITY SCORE" Comparison? YES ? Easily calculates and compare how MUCH SUPPORT each vendor response will require over its lifetime.
Side-by-Side Vendor Response "RATIO ANALYSIS" Comparison? YES ? Detailed vendor response ratios identify exactly where and HOW a vendor proposes to meet your requirements.
WEIGHTED GRADE Score BAR CHART Comparison? YES ? Illustrates the SUITABILITY of each response, i.e., how well each vendor response meets your requirements.
SUPPORTABILITY Score BAR CHART Comparison? YES ? Illustrates How Much EXTRA SUPPORT each proposed system will require over its lifetime.
VENDOR PROFILE Score BAR CHART Comparison? YES ? Illustrates HOW WELL each vendor will be able to meet your support needs, using the support resources available to them.
FEATURE DELIVERY METHOD BAR CHART Comparison? YES ? Illustrates the methods each responding vendor will utilize to implement the system they proposed.
Response OVERALL Score BAR CHART Comparison? YES ? Illustrates the OVERALL score for each vendor proposal.
Provides Tool for Calculating NET YEARLY SAVINGS Projection? YES ? Simply enter the requested data and automatically calculate the Net yearly Savings each proposed system will provide.
Tool for calculating PAYBACK PERIOD? YES ? Just enter the requested data and automatically calculate the Pay Back each proposed system will enjoy.
Tool for calculating INTERNAL RATE of RETURN (IRR)? YES ? Enter the data requested and automatically calculate the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) each proposed system will generate.
Tool for calculating NET PRESENT VALUE (NPV)? YES ? Enter the data requested and automatically calculate the Net Present Value (NPV) of each proposed system.

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