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AAAA - Select ERP software that solves your current problems without causing new ones! This free analysis helps you do just that by providing a list of the business and software processes that could be causing the problems that occur in your current ERP system.

This list of processes enables you to present more knowledgeable and well focused questions to vendors. Ask better questions, get better answers! This analysis addresses 26 possible areas of ERP functionality, listed below. Enter the problems that occur in each area of your current ERP as needed, using one or all:

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Please describe the problems that occur in one or more of your current ERP application areas listed below. At least one area must have a poblem entered in it.
General Ledger:
Fixed Assets:
Accounts Payable:
Accounts Receivable:
Time and Attendance:
Requisitioning or Purchasing:
Quote Processing:
Sales Forecasting:
Sales Force Automation:
Customer Relationship Management:
Sales Order Entry:
Customer Billing:
Returns Processing:
Finished Goods Inventory:
Raw Materials Inventory:
Warehouse Management:
Production Scheduling & Management:
Requirements Planning:
Capacity Planning:
Interfaces to Other Systems:
Other Problems:

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