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Short on people, resources and/or time? One of the best ways to keep any large scale or entity-wide software project on track when resources are tight is to hire an outside consultant for specific tasks related to the project. Good examples of such a project would be CMMS, CRM, ERP, WMS, or similar. Infotivity can provide consultants with in-depth, comprehensive experience on both sides of the fence, i.e, in the target business application workflow processes and the pertinent software system features and functionality required to address those processes. Infotivity consultants have DIRECT hands-on experience.

In addition to detailed application knowledge and system expertise, Infotivity professionals possess the expert business process knowledge needed to "cross-reference" your target business application procedures, workflow, and software features/functions needed to obtain the system configuration required to meet your organization's operational needs and business goals.

RFP Master Templates is used to effectively manage all of your organization's requirements, quickly and efficiently prioritize them, then prepare automated RFIs/RFPs as needed as a tool for obtaining and quantitatively evaluating all vendor RFI and RFP responses. In short, RFP Master Templates ensures nothing "slips through the cracks".
Infotivity consultants can perform the following:

  • User Needs/Requirements Identification, Gathering, and Prioritizing.
  • Business Process Mapping (BPM) and Business Process Re-engineering (BPE/R)
  • Preparation of the current "AS-IS" and "TO-BE" environments
  • Prepare Requests for Information (RFIs) (if needed)
  • Analyze Vendor RFI Responses (if needed)
  • Develop Vendor and Product Shortlist
  • Preparing the Full Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • RFP Distribution, Vendor Q & A
  • Evaluate Vendor Responses - TCO, Supportability, Financial Analysis
  • System Implementation Planning & Management

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