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CRM Requirements Finder

Identify ALL the Customer Relationship Management Requirements needed by your unique CRM project by using these 2,179 UNBIASED CRM system requirements and business analysis tools. This identifies all other essential needs in addition to CRM software needs.
The complete set of needed CRM requirements (View Full List) is in these important areas:
  1. CRM Project Scope
  2. Business Process Improvement (BPI)
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Needs
  4. Workflow Processes
  5. Business Decisions
  6. CRM Software Requirements
  7. Data Conversion Specifications
  8. CRM System Requirements Reports

Requirements for CRM

As seen above, the CRM software requirements, #6 above, are just PART of what is needed to select the best CRM system. The Project Scope, Business Process Improvement, and others listed above are very important in identifying What, How, and Where to correctly identify all aspects of your complete CRM system requirements list. All of the above are included in this complete CRM features template! (View Tools)

This CRM software requirements with Fit-GAP Analysis template discussed below includes everything listed above, all based on your actual need! Lets get started with CRM system business needs.

Business Decisions

Decide Which Business CRM Capabilities Are Needed
Start the Customer Relationship Management needs identification process by identification where your current CRM system either works well, or does not work, with your current or forcast needs. Then identify what should be added, if any, to make CRM more effective. This will help you look at CRM software based on your own needs, and not based just on a vendors capabilities. This is the first step in identifying the best CRM specification for your needs!

Many CRM system or business issues must be decided on before CRM software requirements can be identified. Some examples are:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities needed.

  • CRM workflows improvements needed.

  • Staff location and communication.

  • CRM staff travel and work, i.e remot customer office, devices and operating systems needs.

  • Replase staff modile devices and operating systems.

  • Position of new CRM system located.

  • Prefer to have the system installed on your own servers, or would a fully managed, cloud-based system suit.

  • Prefer to self-host the new CRM with owne servere, with backup help or procedures as needed.

  • Using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM, with protection if the vendor goes downtime or if connectivity is lost.

CRM Requirements Criteria

Use this useful How-To page to find out How to Identify CRM Needs!  

Workflow Enhancement

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Workflow Requirements
All CRM user needs and requirements can be quickly identified using this detailed customer relationship management features checklist. This checklist utilizes thousands of CRM criteria in conjunction with full Fit-GAP capabilities to ensure that all the hidden "exception case" requirements lurking in every organization's workflow and operating procedures are also identified.  

Good examples are rules that start with "It is always done this way except when...", or that "This particular customer gets an extra 5% off".  This checklist tool is designed to help identify those important but hard-to-find requirements for CRM that are crucial for a new system to be implemented on-time and under-budget.  


CRM Software Requirements

Customer Relationship Management Software Requirements Template
These requirements are very detailed, and address 100% of CRMs industry standard needs, and more! Use this comprehencive list of requirements to accuratly identify your CRM needs, and record exactly why and how they need to be addressed by any new installation. These CRM software criteria are provided:

Artificial Intelligence Dashboards
Mobile Apps General Reporting
Requirements Analysis Drop Shipping Items
Predictive Lead Scoring Saas/Cloud Security
Virtual Assistants Product Page Creation
Web Portal Cloud Configuration
Intelligent Self-Service Temporarily Hide Product
Document Management Cloud Administration
Document Capture (Ingestion) Detail Design Plan
Document Retrieval Event Management
Marketing Management Loyalty Management
Quote Processing Customer Service
Planning & Budgeting Resource Management
Sales Order Processing Help Desk Functions
Marketing Tracking Time & Expenses Tracking
Customer Order Entry Incident Management
Email Marketing Sales Forecasting
Backorder Processing Incident Tracking
Warranty Issues Call Management Features
Lead Management Sales Analysis
Campaign Management Sales Lead Management
Customer Relationship Mgmt Automated Call Distribution
Trade Promotion Sales Management
Inquiry Management Intelligent Call Routing
Search Engine Marketing Opportunity Management
Contact Maintenance Interactive Voice Response
Fraud Control Tax Settings
Workflow Implementation
Multi-Currency Multi-Language
Web Site Hosting Multi-Store
Visitor & Traffic Analysis Out of Stock Products
Training ...And Many More

CRM Requirements Identification & Assessment Examples

Just a few that are possible! The compenation of ussues makes these CRM features and requirements almost unlimited!

Need CRM Marketing Improvement?

Many specific CRM system marketing improvements may be needed? Examples are:

  • Need CRM integration with marketing automation system

  • Need campaign management improvement?

  • Need better CRM-based Lead scoring

  • Marketing Lead management needed improvement

Need to Improve CRM-driven Sales?

Many specific Sales improvement needed could come up. Examples are:

  • Can CRM-based AI be used to improve sales?

  • Data / Inpormation is beecoming out of control

  • Improve CRM sales, increased revenues

CRM improvements could Reduce Time spent in LONG Sales Cycle

Specific Long Sales improvement could be needed. Examples are:

  • Can CRM-based AI be used to reduce the TIME needed to produce sales?

  • Hard to find customer information

  • Complex proposels need standardization

Improved CRM-based Communication and Integrate

Many Communication and Integrate improvement could be needed. Examples are:

  • Can CRM-based AI be used to improve communication and integrate improvement?

  • Need fast, efficient client communication

  • Improve CRM tasks such as filling out forms, sending reports be made easily with automated

Intelligent Customer Support

Specific Intelligent Customer Support improvement needed:

  • Use CRM-based AI to improve customer support?

  • Much improved, more intelligent customer service

  • AI is driving intelligent customer service

    AI-powered and AI-integrated CRMs

  • Customer Service Is AI-Human Collaboration

CRM Reporting and Analytics

Specific improvement arriase needed:

  • Use CRM-based AI to improve reporting and analytics?

  • Leads by source

  • Leads by offer

  • Activity Report

Asking these above questions helps you look at ALL CRM software based on your own perspective, and not base vendor capabilities. This is the first step involved in selecting the BEST CRM system for your company need.


CRM Project Scope

It is very important to identify how your company's current CRM system requirements efforts are doing right now. If you do NOT know about HOW your company is now, then it will be very difficult to reliably plan better system functions for the future. That is why documenting your current CRM system, even if totally manuaral, is the FIRST step in CRM requirements identification!

The CRM Requirements Template and Fit-GAP tool shown below allow you to quickly review WHAT is needed in over 2,200 CRM criteria. This allows you to:

  • Identify WHAT may be needed now and/or in the future.

  • Importance Level (Priority) of each NEED

  • Business Process, Department, Track, or Module impacted.

  • WHY the GAP (problem) is occuring

  • WHAT IS NEEDED TO Solve the Problem

The actions or items needed to correct each CRM deficiencies are now identified. This makes it very easy to obtain the cost of corrections from CRM vendors as needed, which allows you to obtain an accurate Payback and Return-ON-Investment (ROI) for each competing CRM system, which gives you an accurate way to determine which proposed CRM system is BEST for your company's needs. The above are just a few examples. Many others exist!

CRM System Requirements Tools

This customer relationship management software requirements checklist covers thousands CRM criteria, tasks, and processes, and is certified to cover all industry standard requirementss.  The main Table of Contents (TOC) shown below illustrates the broad range of requirements included in this interactive tool. Be sure you mild the best CRM specifications accuratley!

Customer Relationship Management System Requirements Tracking

The "Importance Level" column enables you to easily specify HOW IMPORTANT each requirement is to your company in a consistent and quickly sorted way.  You can choose between the Importance Level options that best fit your project needs. Use 0 - 5, with 0 being not important at all.

The next column to the right, titled "Process (Category)" below, enables you to enter user-defined codes that represent the business functions, processes or CRM software modules found in the Business Unit that is the subject of the Fit-GAP Analysis. This allows all Fit-GAP assessment results to be sorted and viewed using any special criteria needed to manage a particular CRM project.


The next column to the right, titled "GAP Analysis" below, enables you to designate just WHERE, WHEN, and HOW MUCH of a GAP exists between your organization's current CRM needs and the customer relationship management software system currently in use, and just as importantly, WHY. (See HOW Fit-GAP Analysis works and its benefits!)


The column titled "GAP Source (Location)" below, enables you to designate just WHERE a GAP exists, i.e., is it a CRM software deficiency or a customer relationship management workflow/procedural problem. This knowledge is very useful when integrating a new software system with current business processes.

The column titled "REQUIREMENTS TYPE" below, enables you to designate the TYPE of GAP that exists between your organization's current CRM needs and and the software and/or the processes currently in use.

Fit/GAP ANALYSIS - Sorting and Reporting

Quickly and Easily Sort and View Customer Relationship Management Fit/GAP assessment entries by industry standard and user-defined assessment code, as shown below. Now you can almost instantly view Fit-GAP assessments sorted by:

  • Importance Level (Priority)
  • Business Process, Department, Track, or Module
  • GAP Size
  • GAP Location
  • GAP Type
The "Process" column accepts user-defined codes to allow sorting of GAP assessments by any special project need that may come up, all on a mouse click.

CRM Software Requirements Data Conversion

Customer Relationship Management Requirements Data Migration

Data conversion and data migration can be very important to the succese of a new CRM software system. The correct use and availability of your existing data is critical to the benefits obtained from a new CRM. Presenting some well desined CRM software requirements in this areas is needed if you need CRM software implementation is going to be down.

This can be very confusing, and crm features about data conversion should be prsented to vendor as part of the RFP. For example, there are TWO data movement available - Data Conversion and Data Migration. There are difference between the two.  

CRM System Requirements Reports

Number of CRM Requirement Fit-GAP Assessments by Degree (Size)

Percentage of Fit-GAP Assessments by Degree (Size)

Number of Customer Relationship Management System Fit/GAP entries by Type

Percentage of CRM System GAPs by Type

RADAR Chart - CRM GAP Percentage by Type


Customer Relationship Management Requirements Template

This CRM Requirements List with Fit-GAP Analysis, as shown above with thousands of CRM system requirements, is available separately for immeditate download. Just click the "Add to Cart" button below. 

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