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Software Selection Risk

Improve Your Software System Selection Planning with a Detailed Risk Assessment!

Will your system selection project be a success or failure?  Download this Free Selection Risk Assessment Tool at the bottom of this page to find out.

Identify potential risk in advance by analyzing your current project state with the 200 success factors found in this free Software Selection Risk Assessment Tool!

Identify the potential strengths, weaknesses, and risks in your next project. An interactive, Excel-based tool, the Selection Risk Assessment Checklist offers a powerfulcolor-coding function to identify WHEN and HOW potential risks could arise, and also, the SEVERITY of those risks.

This risk assessment tool illustrates what is needed to accurately determine a system project's scope, identify requirements, and collect vendor software proposal data in a way that enables a much more efficient and accurate system evaluation, selection, and implementation. Just one ONE of the many software acquisition tools found in the Infotivity RFP Master with Toolkit collection, this free tool helps identify potential problems and risks in many areas, as listed below.

risk assessment checklist

PROJECT SCOPE DEFINITION - Utilizes 22 risk factors to identify deficiencies in software project scoping efforts.  Helps eliminate the #1 cause of "scope creep". 

PROJECT PROFILE & ORGANIZATIONAL IMPACT - Use these 19 risk criteria to accurately determine the impact a project will have on your organization.
               - Identify required resources in advance.
               - Avoid unscheduled delays.

MANAGEMENT SUPPORT & USER INVOLVEMENT - Utilize 40 powerful risk factor criteria to effectively measure management support and user involvement.

PLANNING EFFECTIVENESS & CHANGE MANAGEMENT - These 39 risk criteria are useful for ensuring proper planning and change management procedures are in place.

REQUIREMENTS IDENTIFICATION & COLLECTION - Utilize 57 risk factor criteria to help ensure ALL requirements are identified.  Minimize or eliminate wasted time caused by false starts and do-over's.

RISK MANAGEMENT - Use these 23 criteria to help ensure ALL actions needed for proper risk mitigation are followed.  Eliminate or reduce wasted time caused by unforeseen events.

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NOTE: More detailed information about the above requirements gathering topics is available in the Optimized RFP Guide included free with every Infotivity Ready-to-Use RFP. To view the guide's Table of Contents, or order this guide separately, please see the Optimized RFP Guide TOC.

Stop back often - new sections are added frequently!

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