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Tool to Precisely Locat ALL Software Requirements, including state-of-the-art Modile, Real-Time, & Hidden functions!

More than a "software features list" is needed to correctly identifying the complete list of the system requirements needed for YOUR company! The major activities required to assemble a full and comprehensive system features list that includes:

  • Identify business specifications.
  • Collect system requirements and end-user operational needs.
  • Identify Report Setup needs in detail.
  • Document all Workflow processes End-to-End.
  • Compiling all external 3rd party interface needs.
  • List all government regulatory requirements.

System Features List Importances

These software requirements list checklists include thousands of criteria, tasks, and processes.  The "Importance Level" column enables you to easily specify HOW IMPORTANT each requirement is to your company in a consistent way. 

Mark each requirement shown in the Importants List with 1 - 5, with 1 being not important at all, to record HOW IMPORTANT each is to your company!

Software Features List Uncovered

This can help EXPOSE the hidden "exception case" requirements that could be lurking in any organization's business processes and operating procedures.  Some examples are rules that start with "We always do it this way except when...", or that "This particular customer always gets an extra 2% off this product except when....".  This software requirements checklist tool will help you identify those hard-to-find, critical software requirements that must be addressed if a new system is to be implemented on-time and on-budget.

The next column to the right, titled "Process (Category)" below, enables you to enter user-defined codes that represent the business functions, processes or software modules found in the Business Unit that is the subject of the Fit-GAP Analysis. This allows all Fit-GAP assessment results to be sorted and viewed using any special criteria needed to manage a particular project.

System Requirements Identification

The next column to the right, titled "GAP Analysis" below, enables you to designate just WHERE, WHEN, and HOW MUCH of a GAP exists between your organization's current needs and and the software system it currently has in use, and just as importantly, WHY. (See HOW Fit-GAP Analysis works and its benefits!) See screen sample shown.

Identify Software Requirements Issue

The next column, titled "GAP Source" below, enables you to designate just WHY a GAP exists, i.e., is it because of a software deficiency or a workflow/procedural problem. This knowledge is very useful for system requirements list performed when integrating a new software system with current business processes. See screen samples shown.

Identify Software Features Type

The next column, titled "Requirement Type" below, enables you to designate the TYPE of GAP that exists between your organization's current needs and and the software and/or the processes currently in use.

Customer Testimonials:
The ERP for Apparel Requirements Checklist with Fit/GAP Analysis was great!
Thank you so much.!! Right now I am feeling like this is the best money I have spent in a long time. You guys are great!!!!
Toni Fiori

Your software selection template toolkit, which included the HR, Payroll, Time and Attendance System Requirements Checklist, was of great use to me gathering good user requirements.
Thanks again
Jim Smith


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Software System Requirements Checklists with Fit-GAP Analysis Tool to help you identify your needs in the application areas listed below. All are covered by our 30 Day Guarantee. Please Email or call Toll Free 1-888-517-8669 (International 1-865-806-5137) if you have any questions

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