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RFP Template Capabilities

Designed by a software publisher specifically for selecting software, an Infotivity RFP template collects much more useful software selection decision-making information than a typical RFP limited to simply querying vendors about system features and cost.

In addition to feature availability and cost, every RFP Template INCLUDES the following to ensure you obtain ALL the information needed to select the software BEST MATCHED to your needs:

In-Depth Vendor RFP Response Quality Analysis

Each RFP template includes Vendor Response QUALITY Analysis. RFP Response (proposal) quality indicates the LIKELIHOOD of a vendor proposed system ever achieving its projected Return on Investment (ROI), i.e., the chances of it being fully implemented in the manner needed to achieve your planned ROI. This is done by measuring the RISK inherent in the method a vendor will use to deliver each system feature the RFP queries them about.

For example, a feature that is "Fully Supported" in the current release of the proposed system presents FAR LESS RISK than if that same feature was delivered through use of a scripting language, report writer, source code modifications, or third-party plug-in. See Vendor Proposal Analysis and Evaluation Scorecard

RFP Template End-to-End (E2E) Process Filters

Easily determine the impact on productivity on all enterprise-wide value chains!  E2E process filters enable accurate evaluation and comparison of an entire sequence, i.e., a chain, of ALL the departmental Functional Tasks/Processes utilized to create a value chain used to deliver the outcome(s) and/or (deliverables) defined and expected by a specific type of recipient (a.k.a the customer).

Each RFP template includes End-to-End (E2E) Business Process filters!  End redundant activities. Reduce Cycle times. Eliminate workflow bottlenecks. Easily select software based on the TRUE VALUE it delivers!  View RFP E2E Filter Details...

System Supportability Index Score

Each RFP template provides the ability to rank vendor RFP responses by how much support will be required to maintain the proposed system over its projected lifetime. This is included in each RFP template scorecard. This score is calculated based on your priorities and the risk level inherent in the way a feature or function is delivered.

A very good way of cross-checking vendor Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) projections. See Supportability Scoring

Enhancement Cost Tracking

Management Implementation Cost More Effectively! Each RFP template provides to monitor and manage billable scripting, source modifications, and report writer tasks on a task-by-task basis.  Included in each RFP template, this function ensures you pay only for what has been done, fully tested, and ready to use.

This RFP function provides a very good foundation for ultilizing Earned Value Management (EVM) to ensure a smooth implementation with no surprises! View details at Enhancement Cost Tracking


Weighted Suitability Score

This shows how well a vendor Request for Proposal (RFP) response (the proposed system) MATCHES your actual needs. This is calculated based your actual prioroty level for a specific RFP requirement and the vendor response to that requirement. Will it be delivered? And how will it be done? A very powerful tool. Ideal for "What-If" analysis. See Weighted Grade Score for Suitability Scoring.

Vendor Input Validation

Enjoy ACCURATE, FAST, AUTOMATED vendor RFP response evaluation and comparison! This RFP function ensures that all vendors CONSISTENTLY use the SAME easily compared answers to all RFP questions. This eliminates the need to manually review every vendor RFP answer and then clarify those that are confusing or ambiguous via phone or email.

Saves tremendous amounts of wastd time considering an RFP Response for a large system can have hundreds, even thousands, of vendor answers. View details for Vendor Input Validation.

Thousands of Software System Requirements Criteria

Each Request for Proposal (RFP) template includes the most comprehensive list of RFP requirements criteria available. Reduce needs research time, eliminate fatal requirements omission, prevent implementation do-overs! All system requirements are provided in both the RFP Template and a Requirements Fit-GAP Checklist to ensure you have all the tools needed for your project.

RFP Response Evaluation Tools INCLUDED!

In addition to the above RFP template capabilities, a complete set of template-based tools is INCLUDED in every Request for Proposal RFP template toolkit to help you at every step of the software system selection process.

If you are a consultant and would like to learn more about how Infotivity can enhance your business while creating great value for your clients, contact us to explore the possibilities.

If you represent an organization and are looking for help with a large, complex software system platform project, contact us to discuss your project and we will connect you with the best consultants in the business.

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