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Do you already have a vendor shortlist?

If so, you can save significant time by using the Evaluator, an interactive software comparison and evaluation tool, to dynamically capture and compare vendor responses to your specific needs as they are presented during a phone call, meeting, or demonstration. (more accurate than a generic online software features comparison based on perhaps outdated information collected in the past)

This easy-to-use software evaluation tool enables you to:

  • Utilize interactive checklists that inform you about what information to collect from each shortlisted vendor
  • Capture and compare vendor software functionality details side-by-side
  • View "Heat Maps" illustrating and comparing competing software strengths and weaknessses
  • Quickly record software function availability and suitability assessments during system demonstrations and/or discussions with vendors
  • Evaluate vendor software responses and demonstrations with user-defined weighted grade point scoring

Since you already have a shortlist, there is no need to send an RFP to vendoras and then wait for weeks to receive vendor replies. However, there is a need to obtain information about vendor software capabilities in a detailed, consistent, and easily evaluated format. The Infotivity Evaluator enables you to do just that, quickly and easily. With the Evaluator, you can quickly collect vendor software information pertinent to your specific needs, then accurately compare and evaluate each software product quantitatively to ensure the BEST software for your company is selected.

This rfp sample demostrates the vendor response validation drop down list

This generic Software Evaluator is available for immeditate download. Cost is $159.00 with 30 Day Money back Guarantee - just click Add to Cart!

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