User Needs Gathering Survey

Identify User Needs Quickly and Accurately

Each user's normal day-to-day functional requirements can be quickly identified using this detailed user requirements checklist. In addition, the hidden "exception case" type requirements that occur in every organization' operating and workflow procedures can also be identified.  Typical examples are "exception case" requirements are those that start with "We usually do it that way except when such and such happens...", or, "This customer gets an extra 3% discount".  That is what this requirements checklist tool is for - to identify hard-to-find, crucially important requirements that a new software system must support fully before it can truly be "successfully implemented".  You can:

Just part of the Infotivity Software Selection Template Toolkits, this enterprise-level user requirements Checklist is fully compatible with all other Infotivity system planning and RFP products.

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