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Watch out for hidden operating "GOTCHAS" that can derail the software implementation!!





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This checklist identifies hidden application bugs and overlooked software system problems that can be fatal to your ROI...

The "Gotchas"

It is far better to know about the "Gotchas" BEFORE selecting a large software system, such as ERP or CRM, rather than AFTER a large commitment has been made! This is especially true when system implementation involves multiple locations and mobile application functions. Many significant issues are NOT readily apparent when evaluating competing software systems, even when comparing individual features side-by-side. In short, "Gotchas" here are the unexpected problems that suddenly appear AFTER a new software system GOES LIVE, causing people to say "If we only knew about this six months ago!".

Use the "Gotchas" List to ensure a new software system will address your organization's hidden needs. Many software requirements are not easily identified in even the most detailed side-by-side feature comparison, and many of these hidden threats can quickly drag a software project to a screeching halt. This is especially true in selecting a SaaS system, or, for example, implementing ERP software. Learn more at Software "Gotchas" Detail.

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