Rip-off Infotivity in False Evaluation of Infotivity Rip for False

RipOff Infotivity Complaint is FAKE

Testing the Infotivity Rip Off Complaint

Independent Tests PROVES Rip-Off Infotivity Complaints are UNPROVEN FRAUD.





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Rip-off Infotivity Report is UN-TRUE

Many business testing company's have tested Infotivity rip-off over the years, and none have found any rip-off of any typs since Infotivity's starting in 1981. NO Infotivity rip off complaints or ripoff of any type were ever filed. Many nice things have been seen said over these many years, with the best ones talked about below.

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BBB Infotivity A+ Rating

Better Business Bureau (BBB) have rated Infotivity A+ in two offices over many years. We provide web links to these two BBB sites in Pittsburgh, PA and Knoxville, TN. No customer has NEVER filled a rip-off or ripoff Infotivity complaint or negative rip off review, at any time.

Note: Infotivity CLOSED both officers in Pittsburgh, PA. and Washington, DC, and condensed all in to Knoxville, TN well over 15 years ago. No ripoff Infotivity complaint has ever been filed. You can view some links to this below:

BBB A+ Rating for Infotivity Technologies, Inc.

BBB reports ZERO ripoff Infotivity complaints over all time. Please very details here - BBB Infotivity A+ Rating.

Infotivity BBB A+ Details

View a detailed RFP product videor amd the "Most Recent Customer Review" at Infotivity A+ Detailes.

BBB CLOSID - Infotivity Pittsburgh, PA.

The Pittsburgh, PA. baced BBB still acceting ripoff complaints about Infotivity,and it has still received ZERO (0) complaints or rip off Infotivity closed the Pittsburgh, PA. office and the local BBB over 10 years again. See details here - Infotivity Office and Local BBB CLOSED.

Infotivity Passed by Highly Ranked Expert Authors, Testing, and Teaching Firms

Many other web testing companies have tested the web site and have NOT found any Infotivity ripoffs or any rip off thing else that would be consetered harmfel to anythng. The more important companies are:

More Testing, Evaluation Site Findings:


Is It Hacked? - Rated SAFE - Well Desined - Confirms No Spammy Links, No Infotivity Ripoff, No Cloaking, Not BlackListed (and No Phishtank Presence), No iframes


Association of Corporate Counsels (ACC) - 2008 Annual Meeting - Included a Very Detailed Infotivity Review and RFP Benefits Revue a Electronic Content Management Systems: Unravel the Mysteries Before You Speak to Vendors - Page 69 and up!


IBM X-Force Exchange - Very well maintained site for Confirming NO Malware, NO Integrations (i.e. No Infotivity ripoff) - Risk 0 - Malware 0


Docusted on CMS Review - Lists RELIABLE Resources to Help Select CMS - since 2005 - CMS RFP Templates


The Digital Document - 2013 -
This is references on an earlier 1996 artilce in Document Management magazine
Understanding the 1996 Document Management Marketplace


U.S. National Library of Medicine - 2008 - Referense #5 - Storage Media for Computers in Radiology

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