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Certified Consulting Partners

We consider our consulting partners to be the best consultants available.

And many of our large-scale users around the world think so too. In fact, the majority of the very large system selection and implementation projects supported by Infotivity decision-making templates also rely on the in-depth expertise and resources of a strong, Infotivity-certified consulting firm.

Regardless of project type, whether a world-wide ERP replacement system for an energy company, or a new Transportation Management System (TMS) for a multi-national food processing firm, we work at the detail level with our consulting partners, who utilize their high levels of expertise and years of experience to ensure consistently high levels of client project success. This includes:

  • Extensive Industry & Application Specific Expertise
  • Proven System Selection & Implementation Methodologies
  • Highly Effective Project Management Tools

If you are a consultant and would like to learn more about how DecisionDirector can enhance your business while creating great value for your clients, contact us to explore the possibilities.

If you represent an organization and are looking for help with a large, complex procurement project, contact us to discuss your project and we will connect you with the best consultants in the business.

Learn Why These Great Organizations (& many others!) Used Infotivity:

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  100% Web Reputation Score

US Patent US 7778864 B2 -
(3 N.P. Citations)

A Supplier Evaluation Patent -

System and Method for Identifying Sourcing Event Metrics for Analyzing a Supplier

(You can view more Web Reputation scores and Journal Citations at our About Us page)

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