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Software System Selection Consultant

Obtain a software system precisely matched to your organization's short and long-term needs by letting an expert advisor apply our time-proven combination of expertise, tools, and consultant services. We offer:

  • 38+ years system design and software selection experience. View Infotivity History & Background
  • Comprehensive industry-specific software system requirements. Our software specialists maintain & publish 200+ state-of-the-art Request for Proposals (RFPs) for many vertical industry and horizontal applications.
  • In-depth application expertise. Our expert consultant staff has direct, "hands-on" system selection experience with all industry applications, from accounting to warehouse management, from pipeline construction ERP in Africa to acquarium management in New Zealand.
  • Proven software evaluation and system selection decision matrix templates. View software evaluation and selection examples. Infotivity specialists and consultants will save time, expense, and improve selection decision making accuracy.

Choose the best software system

Our proven methodology, a unique mix of in-depth application expertise, software selection services, and powerful selection decision-matrix tools, helps ensure these benefits:

  • Reliable Identification of ALL system selection requirements. NOTE: Requirements are NOT just software features!
  • Quickly Determine the most qualified vendors and software system products.
  • Accurate Evaluation of each proposed software system based on your organization's specific needs. Response Evaluation explained
  • Precisely Choose Software based on ALL evaluation and comparison criteria from all perspectives, including:
    • Functionality
    • Supportability -
    • Accurate Evaluation of each proposed software system based on your organization's specific needs. Evaluation explained
    • Choose Software based on ALL evaluation and comparison criteria from all perspectives, including:

Consultant Services Available

Infotivity is an independent software selection consultant that provides absolutely impartial advice and resources to help enterprises select and implement new business software systems of all types. Infotivity software specialists can provide the following services:

  • User requirements identification and collection
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • End-to-End (E2E) Process Analysis
  • Request for Information (RFI) preparation
  • Weighted grade point response evaluation
  • Vendor/Product shortlist development
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) preparation
  • TCO, cost/benefit, & financial analysis
  • "Must Have" vs "Nice-to-Have" analysis
  • Vendor Response Evaluation
  • Full system implementation management

Consultant Advisor Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide immediately useful knowledge and other deliverables that address client system selection needs quickly, while at the same time maximizing client staff knowledge as much as possible so client ongoing maintenance and/or expansion costs are minimized. This mandates two mission-critical goals.

The first mission-critical goal is to go the extra mile needed to provide outstanding quality and excellent value.

Our second mission-critical goal is to be immediately responsive, flexible, and provide consulting services and attention tailored to our client's software system needs at all times.

Let Us help You!

Enjoy the benefits of our 38+ years in-depth RFP preparation and software selection/implementation experience in all phases of for-profit business, manufacturing, service, government, healthcare, and non-profit operations. 30 Day Guarantee!

Receive FREE Advice & Support from a Software Selection Expert!

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