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Avoid UNEXPECTED or HIDDEN OPERATIONAL THREATS to SUCCESS that can DERAIL software implementation and training almost overnight.





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Avoid Unplanned Problems in a

Software Implementation

Much more complex than a basic installation bug or configuration glitch, hidden operating "GOTCHAS" can derail the implementation schedule and greatly reduce the ROI of a new software system. This article describes how to quickly mitigate this threat.

The Hidden Threats ALL Software Projects Face, also known as:


Some very well hidden and often fatal TRAPS threaten the success of ANY large software project. That is reason enough for due diligence when gathering user needs and researching software requirements. But there is far more required of this research than one might think...>

Surprisingly, many of the most critical problems and/or very important capabilities are NOT found in the growing number of "standard" application requirements lists and "side-by-side" software comparisons found on the Web these days, no matter how detailed they are. Why? The answer is that most are NOT standard application "requirements". >

Many are not software features at all, but instead are "operating" problems created by productivity and workflow-orient conflicts highly specific to a given operating environment. Since these problems often go unnoticed until right before or right after a system goes "live", we call them System Operating "GOTCHAS" (SOG).

Infotivity has collected the most frequently encountered (and some not so frequent) "GOTCHAS" and assembled a "GOTCHAS" List for each application area based on our involvement in thousands of software projects over the past 25+ years . A "GOTCHAS" List saves tremendous time, prevents overlooked user needs, and is ideal for jumpstarting a BPE/R project, or ensuring that an RFP addresses ALL user and needs to assure the best software selection is made and Prevents ROI reduction, ENSURE the max ROI is obtained.

GOTCHAS Lead to cost overruns and delays - it is better to know about them up front!

Samples of the "GOTCHAS"

View Gotchas Checklist Sample for General Ledger

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