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CRM Requirements Tailored To Your Needs

Start your project off right with CRM requirements customized for your industry, then easily fine tune them to match your unique needs with the help of an ITI certified CRM selection expert.

The most frequent reason cited for choosing the wrong CRM software is a lack of detailed requirements correctly focused on an organization's needs.  Now you can quickly obtain detailed, complete CRM requirements tailored to your unique needs, all under the direction of a certified CRM software selection specialist to ensure accuracy:
ALL FOR JUST A ONE-TIME PAYMENT of $479.00 US! (Please see bottom of page to get started!)

Deficiencies in any of the following areas can lead to inaccurate system planning, overlooked requirements, unrealistic scheduling, and under estimating of the costs and/or time needed.

Easily Identify All Aspects of a CRM Software Selection Project

Define the Scope (Domain) of Your CRM Project

This template enables you to quickly and accurately identify the full scope of the project. It is very important to know which business process are involved, what the data elements should be, which data is generated internally and which is coming from external sources. A time-saving tool when planning an on-site or a web-based software system.

Quickly & Easily Obtain Your CRM Requirements

Start with a customized set of CRM software platform requirements tailored specifically to your industry. These requirements are very detailed, and address 100% of your industry standard needs. Then work under the guidance of your dedicated CRM system selection expert to rapidly fine tune those requirements to match your organization's operational needs and strategic goals. All expert guidance is unlimited, and included at no additional charge. Our industry leading repositiry of detailed CRM requirements criteria enables this phase of the project to be completed in just a matter of days, in some cases overnight.

Web Site Development Resources Dashboards Mobile Apps General Reporting
Requirements Analysis Drop Shipping Items Shopping Cart Saas/Cloud Security
Detail Design Plan Product Page Creation Web Portal Cloud Configuration
Site Management Tools Temporarily Hide Product Document Management Cloud Administration
Document Capture (Ingestion) Web Content Management Document Retrieval Event Management
Marketing Management Loyalty Management Quote Processing Customer Service
Planning & Budgeting Resource Management Sales Order Processing Help Desk Functions
Marketing Tracking Time & Expenses Tracking Customer Order Entry Incident Management
Email Marketing Sales Forecasting Backorder Processing Incident Tracking
Lead Management Sales Analysis Warranty Issues CTI System
Campaign Management Sales Lead Management Customer Relationship Mgmt Automated Call Distribution
Trade Promotion Sales Management Inquiry Management Intelligent Call Routing
Search Engine Marketing Opportunity Management Contact Maintenance Interactive Voice Response
Fraud Control Tax Settings Workflow Implementation
Multi-Currency Multi-Language Web Site Hosting Multi-Store
Visitor & Traffic Analysis Out of Stock Products Training ...And Many More

To help illustrate the detail available, the first and second levels of criteria categories contained in a typical finished CRM requirements collection is shown below:

customer relationship management software (CRM) requirements

Easily Identify Workflow Bottlenecks

Workflow Activity Tracking

WORK DISTRIBUTION CHART (WDC) - powerful tool permits a "Three Dimensional Analysis" of a work unit to identify the activities that comprise the process and then estimate the corresponding time and dollars expended on each of these activities. Ideal for switching to a new on-premise or SaaS software system.

Identify Internal Sources of Wasted Time & Money:

User Needs Survey

ideal for documenting the "AS-IS" state of current systems. Identify the causes of wasted time and workflow bottlenecks at critical steps in the business process areas of General Ledger (GL), Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), Purchasing (POM), Inventory Management (IM), Warehouse Management (WM), Point of Sale (POS), Quote Processing (Quote), Sales Order Entry (OE), Job Cost (JC), Time & Attendance, Payroll (PR), and Manufacturing. Automatically calculates the wasted time and average labor cost needed for accuratesystem justification.

Comprehensive & Detailed:

Customer Needs Survey

Use this in-depth user requirements gathering checklist to gather information about user needs at each step in a given business process.

Workflow Planning Made Easier!

Workflow Planning Checklist

A time-saving tool when planning workflow during implementation of on-site or a web-based software system

A Custom RFP Elicits the Best Proposals

Custom CRM Software/Platform Proposal

A CUSTOM RFP for on-site or a web-based software system, or Hybrid

Evaluation Ratios

Use an extensive set of ratio calculations to compare vendor proposals quickly and efficiently.


Use an extensive set of CUSTOMIZABLE Weighted Grade Scoring calculations to evaluate the suitability of vendor proposals to your specific prioritized needs quickly and efficiently.

Supportability Index Graph:

The Supportability Index is a forecast of how much software support and maintenance may be required to keep each proposed system running at full potential over it's lifetime. This score is determined by how much custom coding is required to implement the proposed software, and which business processes depend on the customized software.


Financial Ratio Analysis

FINANCIAL RATIO ANALYSIS - Calculates and illustrates Yearly Savings, Payback Period, Return on Investment (ROI), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and other software project decision making ratios.

To begin your custom CRM System Requirements Definition Project please contact us at Email CRM Software Selection.

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