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Select ERP Software for Non-Manufacturing Successfully

Non-Mfg ERP Software Selection Toolkit - 5,570+ Criteria - Updated Monthly

ERP for Non-Manufacturing RFP

  • Accurately Identify Your ERP Requirements.
  • Quickly Prepare an Custom RFP to Your Specific Requirements
  • Save Time When Selecting the Enterprise Resource Planning System Best for Your Organization
  • Includes a matching Vendor RFP Response Comparison & Evaluation Toolkit
  • Save More Time When Evaluating Vendor ERP System RFP Responses!
  • Ensure ERP Support Health Care Reform Bill Compliance.

Increase ERP selection accuracy! Use this easily customized non-manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) RFP Master containing thousands of ERP selection criteria to query vendors about how well their manufacturing ERP system features fit your needs. All criteria are organized to ensure consistent "Apples-to-Apples" comparison and evaluation of vendor ERP RFP responses based on your actual requirements. All with a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Easily identify all pricing discount and other vendor concession opportunities by using the Best and Final Offer (BAFO) capabilities included in this RFP template to help ensure you obtain the best system for the least cost.

The following functional areas are addressed in this RFP:

  • System Global Issues
  • Quality Management
  • External System Integration
  • Web Enabled Functions
  • Cloud Configuration
  • Cloud Security
  • Web Content Management
  • Personalization Capabilities
  • User Interface
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Budgeting
  • Inventory Management
  • General Ledger
  • Fixed Assets
  • Requisition Processing
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Expense Tracking
  • Time & Attendance
  • Payroll Processing
  • Human Rersources
  • Contract Administration
  • Accounts Payable
  • Project Management
  • Costing Functions
  • Quote Processing
  • Sales Order Entry & Billing
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Web Site Development
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Shopping Cart Functions
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Expertise Management
  • Collaboration
  • Document Capture
  • Document Retrieval
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Workflow Processing
  • System Configuration
  • System Implementation
  • Security
  • Initial Costs
  • System Support
  • Ongoing Costs

To view a DETAILED list of the criteria categories in this RFP.

erp rfp

This RFP template is organized by business process for easy reference, and provides the detail needed to:

  • Collect Your Non-manufacturing (Service) ERP Requirements Easily & Accurately:

    Quickly Identify the Functions & Features You Need - No Need to Start from Scratch!
    Send a Needs Survey to Users - Jog User Memory & Gather Unique User Needs in Detail!
    Easily Add Your Organization's Unique Needs & Requirements

  • Clearly Communicate Your Organization's Needs to Vendors:

    All Requirements are Presented to Vendor Using Full, Easy-to-Understand Sentences
    instead of Ambiguous, easily Mis-Understood "Feature-Speak"
    All RFI/RFP Templates Provide Full On-Line Help
    You Can Provide Full Instructions to the Non-Mfg ERP software Vendors as Needed
    Unlimited Space for Your Company Background, Current enterprise resource planning System, & Project Goals
    for ensuring ERP software vendors fully understand your organization's needs & goals.

  • Obtain Clear, Concise, & Easily Evaluated Non-Mfg ERP RFI/RFP Responses from Vendors:

    Response Format Enhances ERP Software Selection & Implementation Decision-Making Data
    Speedy Response Entry Process Increases Vendor Response Participation and Accuracy
    Learn Eactly Which Features, Functions, & Processes are Provided by Each Proposed System
    Ideal for Gap Analysis
    Complete Vendor Response Validation Ensures Easy, Accurate "Apples-to-Apples" Non-Manufacturing ERP Comparison

  • Identify & Mitigate Risks - Eliminate Non-Mfg ERP System Implementation Surprises

    Special Vendor Response Set Identifies both IF a Feature is Being Delivered
    and Also HOW It will Be Delivered.
    A RISK Assessment Score is Assigned to Each Feature's Delivery Method.
    Overall Supportability is Determined from Total Risk Assessment Score.
    Color-Coded Non-Manufacturing ERP software Comparison Matrix Shows Where Risk Mitigation is Needed at the
    Process Feature Level.

  • Manage Non-Mfg ERP system Implementation Costs More Effectively:

    Cost Matrix Cross-References Feature Delivery with Enhancement Costs
    Easily View the Status of Required Non-Manufacturing ERP System Customization Tasks
    Enables Accurate Tracking of Individual Features and Enhancements
    Track Implementation Progress & Payments Using "Earned Value Management" Techniques.
    Ensures You Receive What You have Contracted For (& Are Being Charged For!)

    ERP software evaluation INCLUDED with this ERP RFP Master ™ is a full set of Vendor RFP Response (Proposal) Evaluation functions for ERP non-manufacturing that enable extremely accurate and precise evaluation of vendor ERP software proposals. All evaluation functions can be tailored to utilize your organization's actual business priorities and operate at the detail feature level.
    For more information on these non-manufactuuring erp response evaluation & comparison tools Click Here!

    DOWNLOAD a FREE SAMPLE RFP HERE! This live working Non-Manufacturing ERP software RFP sample has been ZIPPED for fast download. Although not required, we recommend you SAVE it to your hard drive, then UNZIP the RFP, prior to use.

    RFP Sample
    free ERP Non-Manufacturing RFP template example

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    Looking for a local consultant to help with your ERP software selection project? An Infotivity-certified consultant offers the expertise and resources needed to provide valuable assistance at every step of your ERP system selection process! Let us recommend a certified ERP software selection consultant!

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