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Discrete ERP RFP Template & System Selection Toolkit - 5,469 ERP Criteria - No Vendor Influence
An unbiased & proven way to issue an effective RFP for Discrete Manufacturing ERP software meeting your firm's specific needs. This ERP RFP Template includes everything needed, even the UNDERLYING and LATENT features, needed to select the BEST Discrete ERP system for your firm!  All software capabilities are addressed, as shown below:
  • Collects the COMPLETE list of Manufacturing ERP Requirements needed by your firm.
  • Automated Specifications & Processing
  • Real-time Inventory
  • Inventory shelf life & environment
  • Real-time update of production schedules
  • Machine-to-ERP communication
  • Inventory Resilience
  • Automated Lead Times
  • . . .(View All Capabilities)

Discrete ERP Software RFP Templates

Accurately select the best Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software by querying vendors about all of your firm's specific ERP system needs. Start your project on the right track by using well-focused ERP software selection questions to obtain better, more precise information from vendors, and then evaluate and select ERP for Discrete Manufacturing system software based on your exact needs. using quantitative evaluation criteria

View BI System RFP Samples
Dedicated to select Discrete ERP software, this Request for Proposal template includes 5,469 customizable system features that address all industry standard and many "exception case" system requirements. Choose a Discrete ERP system reliable!
(View RFP Capabilities) - (View 5,469 criteria )
  • Evaluate & Score ERP Software Proposals Automatically! - Quickly and accurately evaluate vendor Enterprise Resource Planning software / system RFP responses (proposals) with the automated response evaluation tools included with this RFP!  Avoid the time wasted by the need to manually evaluate and score each individual answer in each vendor RFP response. Avoid the errors that such a laborious task entails.

    These RFPs and software evaluation toolkits include a comprehensive and customizable set of automated weighted score, supportability score, response quality, and financial ratio calculations, with results displayed in side-by-side heat-maps and comparison scorecards. These functions automatically analyze each ERP vendor's RFP response in an unbiased, consistent, and quantitative manner to provide the information needed to help you select ERP software best suited to your needs.


Comprehensive Discrete Manufacturing ERP System Selection RFP

This ERP RFP Template & Software Selection Toolkit includes all of the templates listed below. Obtain everything needed to identify requirements, distribute a meaningful RFP, then evaluate vendor proposals, and accurately select Discrete ERP software. Collaboration online using Google & Microsoft 365.
  • RFP Template - Use 5,469 features for Discrete Manufacturing ERP selection to reduce preparation time by up to 90%.
    This RFP template enables you to precisely communicate your company's unique discrete ERP requirements to vendors, and then elicit consistent, easily evaluated and compared answers from those vendors about HOW they will provide a discrete ERP system solution tailored to your needs in these areas:

    • Multi-Company, Multi-Location, Multi-Language
    • Full Accounting - GL, FA, AP, AR, PR
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Receiving Processing
    • Warehouse Management
    • Bar Code Processing
    • RFID Technology
    • e-Commerce Portal - Bi-directional
    • Flexible Sales Order Processing
    • Change Order Processing
    • User-Defined Sales Commission Processing
    • Mobile ERP Apps for Discrete Manufacturing
    • Forecasting
    • Purchasing / Procurement / Requisitioning
    • Shipping Functions
    • Business Intelligence
    • Document Management
    • Workflow Processing
    • Reporting and Inquiry Capabilities
    • Security
    • Implementation and On-going Support
    •     . . . and Many Others! (View Catagories of 5,469)
    Avoid Mistakes - Distribute discrete ERP proposals in a consistent, easily compared and evaluated format through the use of built-in, automated vendor input validation.
    This RFP template for a discrete manufacturing ERP software system enables you to quickly and reliably select a ERP software system best for your needs.

  • Discrete ERP Software Evaluation - Insure accurate ERP Evaluation
    Eliminate time wasted trying to manually clarify, score, and evaluate vendor proposals. Choose the best Discrete ERP software using AUTOMATED response scoring that eliminates the need to manually score thousands of vendor responses. Quickly evaluate manufacturing ERP system proposals!  
    These templates includes a comprehensive set of vendor RFP response (proposal) evaluation tools that enables you to quickly and accurately compare vendor discrete ERP software system proposals to your company's requirements and to each other. A detailed "side-by-side" response comparison matrix with heat map, scorecard, and 3-D bar Charts are displayed about:

    • Weighted Grade Score
    • Supportability Score
    • Vendor Response Quality Analysis
    • Extensive Financial Ratios
    • Payback Analysis
    • ERP Vendor Capabilities Profile
    • Vendor Response Quality Analysis
    • Detailed Side-by-Side "Heat Map"
    • Side-by-Side Comparison of Proposed System Feature

    This set of vendor response evaluation templates for discrete ERP systems ensures impartial and accurate analysis of all competing ERP software proposals at the weighted grade score, supportability, and financial levels, all to assist you in selecting the best manufacturing ERP software system for your needs.

  • Discrete ERP Software Comparison - "Apples-to-Apples" comparison of ERP features - in detailed, "heat map" format, ensures accurate discrete manufacturing ERP software selection. Select the best discrete ERP system!        

    This toolkit includes a powerful set of vendor RFP response (proposal) COMPARISON templates that enables you to easily compare vendor discrete ERP software system proposals to each other as well as to your company's requirements. A detailed "side-by-side" response comparison matrix with heat map, and scorecard are displayed about:

    • ERP Vendor Capabilities Profile
    • Vendor Response Quality Analysis
    • Detailed Side-by-Side "Heat Map"
    • Side-by-Side Comparison of Proposed System Feature

    These vendor response comparison templates for ERP systems ensures impartial and accurate comparison of all competing vendor manufacturing ERP software proposals at the detail feature, weighted grade score, supportability, and financial levels, all to help you select the discrete ERP software system best for your needs.

  • Requirements with Fit/GAP Analysis - Prevent Fatal Omissions - Use thousands of criteria to ensure all industry standard Discrete ERP needs are addressed. Identify ALL crucial ERP software selection needs.

    Today's discrete ERP experts stress that you must first determine your discrete ERP requirements before trying to select Discrete ERP software.  But just what does the phrase "determine your discrete ERP software requirements" really mean?  Efficiently managing the warehouse environment involves many critical requirements and raises many questions.

    This Requirements Checklist with Fit-GAP analysis will help you identify your company's unique discrete ERP system requirements, and answer many questions crucial to successful discrete ERP system selection and implementation.

    • Identify your organization's unique and hidden requirements. Answer questions such as "How could a new discrete ERP better correlate picking and shipping processes for faster order delivery?" or "How can a discrete ERP system provide more efficient dock management, receiving, and put away?", plus many others. All good questions when trying to select discrete ERP software.
    • Identify the RFP questions needed to choose the best ERP software system for your organization.
    • Determine if your current manufacturing ERP system needs or problems are caused by workflow or software deficiencies.
    • Identify the solution to each workflow issue or manufacturing ERP software deficiency.
    • Determine the priority of mitigating each need or problem be.

    The ERP Requirements Checklist with Fit-GAP presents hundreds of operational ERP criteria in a form useful for performing the above tasks, all required to select the best ERP software system.

Select the Best ERP Software

Insure you have the evaluation and selection tools needed to ACCURATELY evaluate & Select Discrete Manufacturing (ERP) software by using the comprehensive and unbiased criteria listed in this RFP.  Save time and money during each step of the ERP software selection process.


In-Depth ERP System Requirements

Drastically reduce, or even eliminate the time normally wasted during the ERP selection process!  Significantly lower the risk of picking the incorrect software system.  Reduce the time spent researching and developing requirements from scratch, since all templates come ready-to-use, pre-loaded with a list of over 5,469 discrete ERP software selection criteria (categorized below).  This enables you to immediately conduct user needs surveys, query vendors about complex ERP software systems, and conduct relevant software demonstrations - everything needed to select ERP software successfully!

Discrete Manufacturing ERP Software Selection Criteria Categories:

Eliminate wasted time during the discrete ERP system selection process!  Minimize the risk of picking the wrong system. Reduce the time spent researching and developing requirements from scratch, since all tools are ready-to-use with a list of over 5,469 discrete ERP software requirements (categorized below).


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning Semantic and Text Analytics
Discrete What-If Analysis What-If Analysis Dashboards Visualizations Dashboards
Executive Dashboards Machine Learning Dashboards Intelligent Alerts
Predictive Modeling Discrete Report Scheduling Discrete Ranking Reports
Intelligent Data Capture Self-Service Capabilities Discrete Ad-hoc Reports
Discrete Collaboration

This enables you to immediately conduct user needs surveys, query vendors about complex Discrete ERP software systems. Everything needed to select a system successfully!
Each category shown below contains made individual RFP questions.  Click this link to view Table of Contents (TOC) and other examples below it.

Choose the best ERP software with these selection criteria

If you do not see what you need, or have questions about what type of ERP software system is best for your operations, please Contact Us
We have more than 30 years of direct "hands-on" Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) selection experience with organizations of all types, ranging from small to XEROX-size. Our ERP software advice and support is always free!
  Actual screens and questions from this RFP are shown below to illustrate how it enables you to easily collect the unique metrics needed to successfully identify, acquire, and implement the enterprise resource planning software solution best suited to your company's needs. This Discrete Manufacturing ERP RFP also includes criteria for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Cloud, and traditional on-premise server-based computing, and targets all lines of business.

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SAVE WEEKS, even MONTHS OF TIME by using thousands of professionally written Discrete Manufacturing ERP system RFP statements & questions to communicate your software system requirements quickly and accurately. No need to re-invent the wheel.

All RFP questions are in quantitative format for accurately choosing the best Business Intelligence software system.

Monthly RFP Update Review helps insure the Discrete Manufacturing ERP software features and capabilities are included.

View this large TOC to see ALL the useful Discrete ERP system application criteria!

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IDENTIFY Feature AVAILABILITY & DELIVERABILITY. Unlike other ERP RFPs, Infotivity enterprise resource planning RFP Masters automatically collect the information needed to identify BOTH the AVAILABILITY of software features, and their DELIVERABILITY, i.e., HOW those features will be delivered. Each Discrete ERP RFP Master for Manufacturing includes a Feature Support Matrix ™ (FSM) to automatically capture this information, which can be used to create very accurate and reliable enterprise resource planning software system implementation schedules.

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Determine RISK and SUPPORTABILITY. ERP RFP Masters automatically evaluate vendor response data collected to quantitatively determine the SUPPORTABILITY INDEX ™ of each proposed discrete enterprise resource planning software system. This index ranks the potential support problems inherent in each proposal. Accurately compare the amount of ongoing support needed to keep each proposed ERP software system up and running. Measure the true impact of each system on your business over the long term.

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ENHANCEMENT COST TRACKING - This RFP template feature provides a facility for cross-referencing the cost of specific custom programming and/or scripting tasks with vendor invoices. This enables the RFP to become a very useful implementation cost management/audit tool. Ideal for Earned Value Management (EVM).

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CUSTOMIZABLE WEIGHTED GRADE SCORING - (automatically calculate suitability to unique company needs!) Highly flexible weighted grade score based on user-defined weights down to the detail row and response level is calculated for each RFP question criteria. This user-defined, customizable weighting allows vendor RFP responses to be evaluated based on your company's specific needs priorities. Calculate weighted scores by department, by workflow process, by application, or by activity to calculate a score that reflect the true value and impact of a proposed discrete ERP software system.

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WORKFLOW TOPICS ensure the proposed enterprise resource planning software can be fully integrated and utilized to enhance business procedures at all levels of the enterprise.


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VENDOR RESPONSE VALIDATION saves time and effort, and reduces errors, when evaluating vendor software proposals. View example here.




EASILY CUSTOMIZED to meet your unique enterprise resource planning system needs, using basic Excel techniques.

PROVEN MS EXCEL TECHNOLOGY. Everybody already knows Excel. Save time & effort across the board!
No installation, no learning curve.


Included with this ERP RFP are the following evaluation & comparison tools...

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"APPLES-to-APPLES" COMPARISON of vendor enterprise resource planning RFP responses (proposals) is assured by extensive use of quantitative ERP RFP questions and full vendor response validation. Compare proposed ERP system software features side-by-side faster and more accurately with the fully automated Color Comparison Chart ™ matrix included with this RFP at no extra charge.

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"ERP Response Evaluation Ratios (scores) help you save time. View a typical evaluation ratios here.

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RESPONSE QUALITY ANALYSIS RATIOS - SIDE-BY-SIDE COMPARISON - (Compare proposal feasibility side-by-side!) Compare the "doability", i.e., the feasibility, of vendor proposals compared to each other in detail. See HOW each vendor is planning to provide the solution to your needs, and if that solution is really viable.

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"In-Depth Financial Analysis Ratios provide valuable insight into how proposed software will impact your organization immediately and over the long term. View and compare side-by-side key financial ratios such as Payback Period, Present Value (PV), Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and others. View financial analysis ratios here.

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AUTOMATED WEIGHTED GRADE POINT SCORING is a quantitative measure of how well a proposed ERP system matches up to your business priorities. This graph compares the overall total scores for each proposed enterprise resource planning system. This Score is based on all ERP vendor responses except Pricing and Vendor Background. View sample 3-D Bar Chart comparison here.

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Feature Delivery Methods This graph compares HOW each discrete ERP vendor is planning to deliver the proposed enterprise resource planning system. The bars show how much of each competing system is going to be delivered Fully Supported "out-of-the-box", how much will be delivered using the Report Writer, a Configuration option or 3rd Party product, and how much is dependant on Custom Programming & Scripting. The scores used in this ERP comparison are based on responses to ERP system questions only, i.e., no vendor, pricing, or support responses are utilized. View sample 3-D Bar Chart comparison here.

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Supportability Index A proposed enterprise resource planning system could look very good on paper, but once implementation begins the reality could be very different. The ease with which a ERP system can be implemented and maintained over it's expected life is controlled in large part by the amount of custom programming and scripting required to build & maintain the system. The Supportability Index is based on responses to ERP Software System Features only. This graph compares the potential support effort inherent in each proposed enterprise resource planning system. View sample 3-D Bar Chart comparison here.

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Overall Comparison This graph compares the total Weighted Score of each proposed enterprise resource planning system along with its Supportability Index and associated Vendor Profile. Use this when assessing the RISK of a proposed ERP system and whether or not the ERP system can indeed be implemented by the proposing ERP vendor successfully. View sample 3-D Bar Chart comparison here.

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Vendor Profile Scores This graph compares a score measuring the background, expertise, capabilities, and other data collected in the Vendor Global Issues section of the enterprise resource planning RFP. The Vendor Profile Score provides a way of assessing the Capabilities PROFILE of a proposing ERP vendor. View sample 3-D Bar Chart comparison here.


A Detailed & Comprehensive List of:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Features

Pre-defined discrete enterprise resource planning RFP criteria ensure no important business requirements or software features "slip through the cracks". All are in a quantitative format that guarantees vendor responses will be meaningful, consistent, and easy to compare. All questions are professionally prepared by application specialists to address BOTH the STANDARD features and EXCEPTION CASE software functions required.


Identify BOTH ERP Software Features Availability and Deliverability

Unlike other ERP RFPs that try (and fail) to gather useful solutions data about complex enterprise resource planning system features, ERP RFP Masters for Discrete Manufacturing are not constrained to the use of summary-level "Yes" or "No" answers. This discrete ERP software RFP Master ™ uses a Feature Support Matrix ™ (FSM) that identify BOTH feature AVAILABILITY and DELIVERY Method. This ERP RFP Master template function is useful during both the enterprise resource planning software selection AND the system implementation phases of large projects because it enables effective Earned Value Management through detailed cross-referencing of usable software functionality and vendor invoicing.


Determine the Risk & Supportability of Proposed

ERP Software Solutions

Unlike other RFPs, an ERP RFP Master for Manufacturing can illustrate potential support problems (and risk) inherent in vendor discrete ERP system proposals. The Feature Support Matrix ™ (FSM) used in each discrete ERP RFP Master ™ categorizes the inherent risk posed for each criteria, and uses that information to calculate the SUPPORTABILITY INDEX ™ for each vendor RFP response. For example, a feature delivered "out of the box" FULLY SUPPORTED is less risky than one delivered through custom programming, even if the programming is free. This enterprise resource planning RFP Master for manufacturing function is useful during both the software selection AND the implementation phases of a large ERP system because it enables effective Earned Value Management through detailed cross-referencing of usable software functionality and vendor invoicing.


Effectively Manage Implementation

Enhancement Cost Tracker

This manufacturing ERP RFP template provides an "Enhancement Cost" column for cross-referencing vendor invoices with the estimated cost of each custom custom script and/or source code modification proposed by the vendor. This makes the enterprise resource planning RFP an ideal tool for managing vendor invoices effectively. The uses of this are many: preventing payments to vendors from exceeding usable system progress, preventing vendor over-billing, and prevents proposed tasks from being omitted, and as an implementation audit tool.



These comprehensive and CUSTOMIZABLE Weighted Grade Point Scoring functions are used to determine how well MATCHED a vendor proposal is to your specific prioritized requirements.


Workflow Topics Included.

The ability of the proposed software to successfully integrate with existng business process workflows, or implement new workflows, is critical to a achieving the high productivity increases and ROI expected of the new ERP system. This RFP Master examines all pertinent Workflow features in detail.


Vendor Response Input Validation.

Vendors must answer each RFP question by choosing from a pre-defined list of possible responses. See below for an example of this drop-down list. This forces all vendors to respond to each enterprise resource planning software question in a consistent, standard manner. Eliminates the days of time typically wasted trying to compare the inconsistent or incomplete vendor responses obtained by using traditional, non-quantitative RFP questions! Ensures vendor proposals are easy to compare and evaluate!


Color-Coded, "Apples-to-Apples" Comparison of Proposed ERP Systems

ERP Software Comparison

These comparison matrices automatically change vendor response cell background color to GREEN, YELLOW, or RED, to reflect how favorable each ERP response is to your needs! Compared to the tedious task of reviewing hundreds of mono-color Yes/No answers, these colored responses allow problem areas to be spotted more easily, and risk assessment is made much more accurate. All required response comparison matrices are included and ready-to-use! Quickly and easily compare enterprise resource planning software system proposals side-by-side, feature by feature, in detailed comparisons you control! Keep your project on-schedule and under-budget.


Evaluation Ratios

Use an extensive set of ratio calculations to compare ERP vendor proposals quickly and efficiently.


Evaluation Ratios Side-by-Side Comparison

This scorecard uses an extensive set of ratio calculations to compare vendor proposals quickly and efficiently.


      Cost Savings Analysis:

Calculates and illustrates Yearly Savings, Payback Period, Return on Investment (ROI), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and other decision making ratios pertinent to a software/platform selection project.

        Weighted Grade Score Graph Compares the Weighted Grade Point Score calculated for each proposed discrete enterprise resource planning system. This is calculated as follows: The discrete ERP vendor response to each RFP question is assigned an unweighted "raw" score. This raw score is then multiplied by the weight factor you entered previously (default = 1) for that enterprise resource planning RFP question to calculate the weighted score for each response. All of these individual scores are then totaled for use in this comparison. This score is essentially a measure of how well a ERP software system fits your business and software needs, prioritized by the weight (importance level) you assigned to each question in the RFP. In essence, this score measures the SUITABILITY of each proposed enterprise resource planning software system to your overall requirements. . NOTE this score measures just software functionality, and does not include any measure of vendor background, expertise, support, or programming ability.

        Feature Delivery Method Comparison: An analysis of how each Discrete ERP vendor is proposing to deliver the system feature contained in their discrete ERP proposal. The graph below shows the percentage that is Fully Supported "out-of-the-box", the percentage to be done via Report Writer, a Configuration Parameter, or Third-Party add-in, versus the percentage to be done via Custom Coding (Scripting / Programming). This information is very useful in terms of identifying RISK, since a Fully Supported (and tested) ERP feature presents far less risk than that same ERP feature done as a "custom programming" task. Also, see the Supportability Index, which sums up these detail risk factors.

        ERP Supportability Index Graph:

The Supportability Index is a forecast of how much enterprise resource planning software support and maintenance may be required to keep each proposed software system running at full potential over it's lifetime. This score is determined by how much custom coding is required to implement the proposed ERP software, and which business processes depend on the customized software.


      Overall Comparison Graph:

This graph compares both the Weighted Grade (Suitability) Score, Supportability Index, and the Vendor Capabilities Profile side-by-side for easy reference. It is important to see how much custom coding is in a proposed enterprise resource planning system that also has a high Weighted Score, along with the Vendor Profile. The more custom code, the higher the risk posed by that ERP system. Therefore, the more custom coding, the more expertise and capabilities a vendor should have.


      Vendor Profile Score Graph:

The backgrounds, expertise, capabilities, and certifications of each vendor is obtained in the Vendor Global Issues section of the ERP RFP. The enterprise resource planning vendor responses to this section are totaled separately from the software functionality topics, and this data is used to calculate the "Vendor Profile Score". The higher the score, the more CAPABILITIES a vendor is probably going to be.

Please see the Toolkit List for cost information.

If you have questions about using the ERP system evaluation and selection templates above, or how to select ERP software in general, please Contact Us! We have over 30 years direct "hands-on" database and software selection experience.

Advice & Support from an ERP Software Selection Expert is Always FREE!

Select the Best Discrete Manufacturing ERP Software System!

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RFP Template & Vendor ERP Response Evaluation Toolkit - This includes the RFP for Discrete Manufacturing ERP Software, Requirements Checklist, and all Vendor Response (Proposal) features - the Weighted Grade Scoring, Supportability, Comparison Matrix, and Financial Ratio calculation tools. Everything needed to plan your new system, identify your true requirements, prepare a meaningful RFP, and select the best ERP software based on your requirements. This bundle includes ALL the Tools summarized below:

  • No Limit on Vendors, Staff Users, and Projects - 30 Day Guarantee
  • 5,469 ERP System Selection Criteria (Updated March 14, 2022
  • All User Needs & System Planning Templates
  • the Requirements Checklist with Fit/GAP Analysis Template
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Template Toolkit for a full Discrete ERP System
    • In-Depth, Detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) Template
    • Vendor Input Validation
    • Feature Availability & Delivery Evaluation
    • Vendor RFP Response Evaluation
    • Response Quality Analysis
    • Enhancement / Cost Cross-Reference
    • Weighted Grade Scoring
    • Supportability Index Scoring
    • Optimized RFP Guide
  • RFP Documentation
  • All Cover Letter, Guide, & Checklist Templates
  • INCLUDES the full ERP Proposal Evaluation, Comparison, & Selection Template Toolkit
    • Side-by-Side Response Comparison with Heat Map
    • Vendor Response Quality Ratios
    • Response Evaluation Scorecard
    • 3-D Bar Chart Response Comparison Graphs
    • Financial Ration Analysis
    • Evaluation Matrix Documentation
  • FREE LIVE SUPPORT - Telephone/Email

    30 Day Guarantee on All Products
    Unlimited Staff Users - Unlimited Vendors - Unlimited Projects
    Discrete Manufacturing ERP System RFP Template and Response Evaluation Matrices ONLY

    $549.00 US         (Secure Checkout)          

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