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    Use these products to keep even the most complex document management software selection tasks on-schedule and under-budget!

    Use optimized RFPs to collect vendor proposals for meeting your web-based document management software requirements. Easily use quantitative vendor proposal evaluation and document management software selection tools to identify the proposal best suited to your needs, all using Infotivity's comprehensive decision-making software.

   Infotivity offers the following to help you identify your document management software requirements and evaluate vendor RFP responses & proposals using proven quantitative techniques.

The RFP Masters - A comprehensive, fully integrated software toolset for preparing custom electronic User Requirements Surveys, Requests for Quotation (RFQ), Requests for Information (RFI), and Requests for Proposal (RFP), each with full input validation and online help. RFP Masters template provides complete functionality for distributing RFx's via email or the Web, and receiving vendor RFP responses (proposals) electronically. Also, a complete set of tools for evaluating and comparing vendor software proposals at both the procedural and financial levels is provided as described below. All comparisons may be made at the detail level or in 3-D Bar Chart form. RFP Masters provides:

RFP Masters templates are now available! Enjoy the benefits of using a professionally written, optimized RFP to query vendors about hundreds of document management software functions when selecting your next document managment system. Complete with project domain checklists & vendor response evaluation guides, these fully detailed RFPs will save time and help you select the document management software best suited to your needs! Visit the Ready-to-Use RFP page for more details.

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