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Need to select the BEST software quickly and accurately?  In 1989 Infotivity released the first system RFP Templates to help customers select software more quickly and accurately. These Request for Proposal (RFP) Master Template (as listed below) contain extremely detailed software features and ALL OTHER functions needed to select specific application software systems.  Much more than just standard software features!  Identify:

  • All State-of-the-Art software criteria
  • All common "Process Exception" issues
  • ALL Report Setup needed for reporting speed
  • All Workflow processes.
  • All End-to-End evaluation.

All you need to do is scroll to the desired software RFP template, listed by alphabetize order.

What is below is in easy, simple Excel. Why LEARN NEW software just to buy NEW software???


System RFP Template and Response Evaluation Toolkits

Each RFP Master Template listed on this page contains ALL the features and functions needed to accurately selecting the best software systems based on your firm's needs:

System Features - Extremely Detailed

Comprehensive, application specific criteria insure all standard capabilities are addressed.

Complete Vendor Response Rating

All methods of providing a software system features are addressed. Important since PROJECT RISK is influenced up or down. Vendor Response Types

End-to-End (E2E) Business Process Checking

Many business processes involve several connected software workflow functions. Business Process Start to Finish (E2E) Ranking

Workflow Capabilities

Mobile and Cloud Capabilities

Report Capabilities and Speed of Printing

Fully Customizable

Each Infotivity RFP Template Master toolkit below includes a full set of:
Vendor RFP Response Comparison Evaluation Tools.

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Accounting Software

This RFP template collection targets a wide range of frequently encountered accounting applications. A criteria example of each is made available. An RFP template with matching vendor response evaluation tools is available for each of the following accounting environments:

Accounting, Generic RFP with 4,474 criteria
This is a comprehensive set of template designed to do everything needed to select the best accounting system for your organization need. If you are just beginning to identify requirements, you may find the checklist for accounting software requirements to be more helpful (Some call it accounting system features).

Accounting - Not for Profit (NFP) RFP with 4,237 criteria

Accounting - Distribution Industry
Please view the list of RFPs for vertical distribution industries at the bottom of the ERP for Distributors page.


Applications A - C, RFP System Tools

View detailed screen captures of RFPs with sample software selection requirements, or example RFP, available for each RFP template listed below:

Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS)

Building Management
This template is designed for selecting a complete building management software system, and queries vendors about badge, key and visitor management, alarm and threat management, and elevator control, and much more.

Business Intelligence Software (DW-BI)

Business Process Outsourcing - Accounts Payable (BPO-AP)

Business Process Outsourcing - Payroll (BPO-PR)

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS)

Construction Management

Contract Management Software

Custom System Development


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This template collection focuses on CRM applications. A wide variety of frequently encountered CRM software operating environments is addressed, ranging from general purpose to CRM for non-profit organisations. Criteria samples are available on the applicable page. Detailed RFP templates with in-depth vendor CRM response evaluation tools are available for each of the following CRM applications:

NOTE: You can use the CRM Insider's Unbiased Step-by-Step Guide to select CRM software more accurately!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM & Ecommerce Software

CRM, Order Process & Inventory Management

CRM for NonProfit


Applications D - E

A alphabetical list of RFPs for software applications starting with letters D and E is below. Each comes with an in-depth vendor response evaluation toolkit. View screen captures with example selection requirements for each RFP template listed below:

Data Governance Consultant Selection

Digital Copiers / Multifunctional Devices

Digital Copiers & Document Management

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Management

Document Management Software (DMS)

E-Commerce Software

Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Health Record (EHR) - Cardiology

Engineering Drawing / Document Management (EDM)

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software:

A Request for Proposal (RFP) Template and Vendor Response Evaluation Toolkit is available for a wide assortment of ERP Systems applications. Each "ERP - Application" links to a FULL DETAILS page. Some also display a seconf "ERP Features" link listing FEATURES.

ERP - Apparel

ERP - Auto / RV / Motorhome Dealer

ERP - Build-to-Order (BTO) Manufacturing

ERP & CMMS - Non-Manufacturing

ERP - Configure-to-Order (CTO) Manufacturing

ERP for Construction

ERP - Construction, Road & Other Heavy Equipment Dealer

ERP - Engineer-to-Order (ETO) Manufacturing

ERP & CTI - Manufacturing

ERP & CTI Non-Manufacturing

ERP with Direct Store Delivery

ERP - Discrete Manufacturing

ERP for Distributors (See Vertical Industry List)

ERP for Food Processing

ERP for Food Processing with Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

ERP for Healthcare

ERP - Make-to-Order (MTO) Manufacturing

ERP for Mining

ERP - Non-Manufacturing - generic (for Distributors see above)

ERP for Non-Profit Organizations

ERP with Outstourced Manufacturing

ERP for Process Manufacturing

ERP for Professional Services

ERP for Professional Engineering Services

ERP for School Districts


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Distributor

This collection of ERP RFP and ERP requirements checklists templates focuses on distribition industry applications. A wide range of frequently encountered ERP software for distribution operating environments is addressed, ranging from general purpose to petroleum distribution. An example RFP or criteria samples are available on the applicable page.

Generic Distributor ERP Software

Electrical Distributor ERP

Electronics Distributor ERP

Fastener Distributor ERP

Food Distributor ERP

Fluid Power Products Distributor ERP

Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Distributor ERP

Industrial Products Distributor ERP

Janitorial Supplies Distributor ERP

Lawn & Garden Supplies Distributor ERP

Lumber & Building Supplies Distributor ERP

Medical Supplies Distributor ERP

Paper & Packaging Distributor ERP

Petroleum Products Distributor ERP

Plumbing Supplies Distributor ERP


Facilities Management Applications

This group of Request for Proposal Template is also known as Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) Software. All CAFM Software RFP Templates and CAFM requirements checklists focus on facilities management oriented applications. A wide variety of frequently encountered CAFM software application types are addressed, ranging from general purpose to CAFM for Hospitals. CAFM RFP examples or samples of each CAFM software RFP type are available on the applicable page.

Facilities & Hotel Management Software

Facilities Management Software

Facilities & Property Management

Facilities Management Software - Hospitals


Applications F - H:

An RFP template list for applications starting with letters F through H is below. Each RFP includes a detailed requirements checklist, and comes with a matching vendor response evaluation toolkit. A detailed example RFP or criteria samples of each application type is available. View many screens with sample requirements for each different RFP template shown below:

Fleet Management Software

Help Desk Software (HDS)

Hotel & Property Management Software


Healthcare Applications:

The healthcare RFP and Healthcare requirements templates below focus on healthcare applications. A wide range of frequently encountered healthcare software applications are addressed, ranging from general purpose healthcare ERP to staff scheduling.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) - Cardiology

Healthcare ERP Software

Hospital Facilities Management


Human Resource (HR) Applications

The Human Resource Management Request for Proposal Template and HRIS requirements templates below focus on HR applications. A wide range of frequently encountered HRM software applications are addressed, ranging from general purpose HR to HRIS outsourcing. HR RFP examples or samples of each type are available for each template on the applicable page.

Human Resource Information (HRIS) Software

Human Resource & Payroll

Human Resource, Payroll, Time & Attendance

Human Resource Management (HRM) Outsourcing

Human Resource & Payroll Management Outsourcing

Human Resource & Payroll Management w/Time Reporting Outsourcing


Applications L - O:

Learning Management System (LMS)

Loan Origination Software

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Master Data Management (MDM)

Mortgage Point-Of-Sale (POS)

Order Processing & Inventory Management (OE-IM)


Point of Sale Applications:

This template collection for Point of Sale (POS) software selection includes many Request for Proposal Template with Software Selection Toolkits focuses on different POS applications. A number of frequently occurring POS software environments is addressed, from general purpose use to specialized POS systems for vertical industries.

Point of Sale - Restaurant

Point of Sale - Retail

Point of Sale & CRM - Retail

Mortgage Point-Of-Sale

Retail Clothing Point of Sale

Retail Footware (Shoes) Point of Sale


Applications P - S:

NOTE: You can view screens with sample software requirements for each of the templates listed below:

Policy & Procedure Management Software

Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX)

Project Management Software

Property Management Software

Professional Service Automation Software

Purchasing/Procurement Software

Retail Planning & Merchandising

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Service Desk Management

Subscription Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM)


Transportation Management System (TMS) Software:

This collection of TMS system Request for Proposal Template with Software Selection Toolkits focuses on TMS applications. A wide variety of frequently encountered TMS software configuration applications is addressed, ranging from general purpose to combined TMS - WMS functionality.

Transportation Management System (TMS) Software

TMS with Warehouse Management System (WMS)


Applications T - Z:

View screens with sample requirements for each RFP template listed below. Recent Real-Time process features updates have been made.

Time and Attendance Software

Trade Promotion Management

Trust Administration & Fiduciary

Warehouse Management Software (WMS)

WMS with Transportation Management System (TMS)


Each RFP Template includes:

All templates listed above come with a matched Software Selection Toolkit & Decision Matrix that contains a comprehensive set of RFP response comparison, evaluation guide, and software selection tools. Save time preparing your RFP, save even more time evaluating vendor responses, and more accurately select the BEST software solution, all by using an Infotivity RFP Template as a blueprint for success!

NOTE: Many of our RFP pages is under going new construction sorry for the inconvenience. If you do not see an RFP you are interested in please Contact Us! We will send you samples customized to your needs.

See RFP Template List Below

Accounting with Business Management

Accounting Light Mfg

Accounting Disributor Kitting

Accounting Distributor WH

Cardiology EHR System

CRM Not for Profit

Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

Engineering Document Management


ERP with CTI

ERP for Franchise

ERP for Heavy Equipment

ERP for Mining

ERP for RV/Auto Dealership

Facilities Management for Hotels

Facilities Management for Hospitals

Hotel & Property Management


HR & Payroll BPO

Multi-Function Devices (Copiers)


Plant Information Management

Trade Promotion Management

Trust Administration

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