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What is Vendor Input Validation?

Each automated RFP provides complete vendor response input validation that prevents a vendor from entering evasive answers such as "In the Fourth Quarter". For example, if you just want a Yes/No answer you can set the RFP to accept just Y or N. You can define answer sets ranging from Yes/No to Multiple Choice to free-form text Memo answers. A sample of what a vendor might see when responding to an RFP is shown below.

In this sample, the vendor must respond by selecting either Fully Supported, Not Supported, Paid Enhancement, Free Enhancement, Configuration Option, Reporting Tool, or 3rd Party Product. This type of response forces a vendor to identify both WHICH features are being provided and also HOW they will be delivered, making is ideal for software selection because it quickly highlights where a proposes software system is strong and weak, and where the costs and risks are being incurred. The risk inherent in providing a feature through an embedded 3rd Party Product is much higher than it is when provided as a Fully Supported, "Out-of-the-Box" feature. In the RFP sample below, all the vendor needs to do is click on the desired response to enter it.

This rfp sample demostrates the vendor response validation drop down list

When a vendor is through with his or her response they simply save a backup to a zip drive or CD and then send their rfp response back to you by email.

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