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RFP End-to-End (E2E) Response Evaluation

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End-to-End Evaluation of Business Process

This RFP enables you to quickly view End-to-End (E2E) how well proposed software performs a specific business workflow process, all without the need to shuffel or move unneeded criteria around.  These E2E processing capabilities make vieqing long, complex business workflow functions faster, easier, and more accurate!  Now you can view and evaluate just the software features pertinent to the evaluation parameter you designate, such as End-to-End Evaluation and Importance Level, Business Process, Business Process, or other measures of how a proposed software system impacts your operations.

A Filter eliminates the need to scroll through large numbers of criteria irrelevant to the evaluation task at hand and manually tabulate rows.  Quickly see exactly where a proposed system will impact a key business process in your organization, based on how you defined it!

NOTE: A Filter is very useful when evaluating RFP reponses based on parameters that span many different application modules and/or departmental business processes. This is especially true when evaluating a specific software system's ability to support "end-to-end (E2E) business processes" such as "Quote to Cash (QTC)", or "Procure to Pay (PTP)", or "Hire to Retire (HTR)", and many others.

These new filter capabilities provide the following benefits:

  • Enjoy ENHANCED, more accurate evaluation of vendor RFP responses to LARGE RFPs.
  • Easily see EXACTLY how a proposed system will impact key business processes defined by your organization!
  • Quickly see HOW MUCH a proposed system will impact key business processes categorized by Importance Level, such as "MANDATORY", or "MUST HAVE"!


The Business Process Component Filter (BPCF):

The Importance Level Filter (ILF):

The Delivery Method Filter (DMF):

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