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In an effort to better serve you, we have put together below a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding the Infotivity RFP Masters and matching Response Evaluation Toolkit that comes with each.  The list below has been added to over the years and is in no particular order. We have tried to select the most representative questions, but if you do not see an answer to your question please call Toll Free at 1-888-517-8669 in the USA, International at 1-865-806-5137, or E-mail Us Here to receive answers quickly. Also available is the RFP Features Checklist.

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Q. How is an RFP Master organized?
A. All RFP Masters are organized by business application and process. This makes assigning your organization's Priorities (a.k.a Weights) for each area of functionality easier and faster. It also makes using the RFP more intuitive, since most people think of their operational business needs in terms of business application and related processes. All RFP questions (criteria) are categorized by business application, i.e., general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and so on. Within each application you will see sub-categories for the process and functions that make up that application area. For example, General Ledger will contain sub-categories for GL Account Maintenance, Financial Statements, General Journal Transaction Processing, and so on. This type of organization makes the RFP very easy to navigate and use.

Q. How often are the RFPs updated?
A. All RFP Masters and Evaluation Toolkits are reviewed for updates on a MONTHLY basis to be sure they are in synch with today's fast changing system and high-technology environments.

Q. Is the quality of the RFP guaranteed in any way?
A. Yes. All RFP Masters are covered by a 30 day "No Nonsense" Guarantee.

Q. Is there a time limit on the RFP?
A. No.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of vendors this RFP can be sent to?
A. No.

Q. Do your RFPs question vendors about their product's ability to support the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?
A. Yes - Absolutely. Our RFPs query vendors about all aspects of how their product(s) facilitate and/or support PPACA implementation/operations in all application areas. Examples are HRIS, Staffing, IRS/DOL/HHS Compliance, Scheduling, Time and Attendance, Payroll, Workforce Management, ERP, and others.

Q. I have more than one person working on my project. Some are in different cities. Do I need an RFP license for each one?
A. No. Just one license is needed. You may make copies to give to all your staff working on the project. The license is by company, not by user.

Q. Can I add my company's (or my client's) logo to the RFP?
A. Yes, quite easily.

Q. If I were to use this RFP, what do I send to vendors?
A. Just one file containing the RFP is all that is really needed. All the vendor need do is open the RFP file and start responding to RFP questions. There is nothing the vendor must install on their computer. Note: If you have other documents in your project, as most people do, and want to Zip everything up including the RFP, that is OK too. The RFP will be usable when everything is extracted by the vendor who received the Zip.

Q. Is this a real RFP or just a list of software features?
A. These are real, ready-to-use RFPs that cover all aspects of application software acquisition.

Q. Does the RFP Master simply provide an outline of what the RFP questions should be, or does it provide a complete set of ready-to-use detail questions that can be sent to vendors immediately?
A. A complete set (literally thousands) of detailed, ready-to-use questions covering all aspects of your chosen application environment.

Q. What topic areas do the pre-defined RFP questions cover?
A. Everything needed for the target application you choose. Each RFP Master comes with pre-defined questions and statements for all aspects of software acquisition. This includes, but is not limited to, Legal, Vendor Background, Vendor Certifications, Software Platform, Standards, Global Features, Application Specific Functionality, Cloud/Web-based (SaaS) Functionality, Web Interface, Security, Implementation, training, Service Level Agreements, On-going Support, and Pricing.

Q. Does the RFP provide questions about supporting functionality, such as workflow and document management, that can be used to enhance each business process?
A. Yes. Each RFP includes detailed sections for Workflow, Document Capture, Document Search and Retrieval, and others as the application requires.

Q. How detailed are the RFP questions?
A. Extremely detailed. Each RFP Master has literally thousands of questions covering the detail facets of each key screen, report, business process, security, implementation, and support issue (see previous questions).

Q. Can I add NEW questions (criteria) to the RFP if I need to?
A. Absolutely Yes. The entire RFP was designed with that in mind. Adding a new question is extremely simple, and is as easy as "copy and paste". All the formulas used within the RFP adjust themselves automatically when a new question is added.

Q. Can I delete RFP questions I do not need?
A. Yes. Simply highlight the entire row containing that question and then DELETE it. There is no need to do anything else since all formulas adjust themselve automatically.

Q. How does the RFP ensure that all vendor responses are consistent so that side-by-side comparison and evaluation is made easier?
A. The RFP Master uses input validation to ensure all vendor responses use the same set of possible answers. This makes evaluating and scoring all vendor proposals much easier and more accurate.

Q. What if an RFP Question is so complex it requiring vendors to follow special instructions to answer it correctly?
A. Complete online HELP can be accessed for a specific RFP question in the event you want vendors to respond in a specific way. Online Help is available GLOBALLY and it can also be made available for an individual question. In addition, offline documentation regarding the layout and use of the RFP and Evaluation Matrix is made available in MS Word format.

Q. How do I evaluate vendor RFP responses (proposals) in relation to my organization's needs?
A. All Weighted Score and Supportability Scores are calculated AUTOMATICALLY. All you need do is to determine "How Important" a specific feature or group of related features is to your organization, then enter those Importance Levels into the RFP scoring system just one time. This can be done either BEFORE you send the RFP to a vendor, or AFTER you have received a vendor's RFP response. This allows you to send the RFPs out to vendors as quickly as possible, without having to wait. Calculating the Financial Ratios is just as easy. Simply enter your expected savings and all the Financial Ratios are calculated automatically.

Q. Can I adjust the weight (priority) assigned to each RFP question?
A. Yes, all weights are in one easily accessed column of the spreadsheet.

Q. How are vendor responses to the RFP evaluated?
A. A vendor RFP Response Evaluation Toolkit is included with each RFP Master. This Toolkit enables you to quickly and easily analyze RFP responses from many vendors at both the FUNCTIONAL and FINANCIAL levels. First, you can compare the detail features found in multiple vendor responses using a color-coded Side-by-Side comparison matrix that highlights positive and negative system functionality. View actual screens here. Second, all vendor RFP responses are analyzed according to 16 different Response Ratios that provide a clear picture of exactly HOW a vendor is providing their proposed solution. View detailed screen capture and explanation. Third, a full set of standard Financial Ratios are calculated to illustrate which proposed system offers the best opportunity.

Q. How do I do a Side-by-Side comparison of multiple vendor RFP responses (proposals)?
A. Building a Side-by-Side comparison of features is very easy. Simply use one command, "Copy", just one time to copy the the entire vendor RFP response, then use "Paste Special Values" to place it in the desired column of the Evaluation Matrix. The entire process takes less than 30 seconds, even for large RFPs exceeding 6,000 questions.

Q. Does the RFP come with tools for evaluating vendor responses from a financial perspective?
A. Yes, tools for calculating B/C Ratio, Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV), and Payback are found in the vendor RFP Response Evaluation Toolkit included with each RFP Master. Other optional functions such as Discount Rate and Threshold Analysis are also provided. View screen sample

Q. Does the RFP come with any tools for determining and comparison the amount of RISK inherent to each vendor proposal?
A. A "Supportability Score" is calculated that illustrates the risk each vendor response presents, and HOW MUCH on-going Support that each proposed system will require over it's lifetime if implemented.

Q. Does the RFP come with tools for scoring each vendor's response based on my company's needs and priorities?
A. Yes. A user-defined Weighted Grade Scoring system is provided at the individual criteria (RFP question) level.

Q. Who do I call or email for support or help with this product?
A. Infotivity Support 7 days/week, 16 hours/day (8:00 AM - 12 Midnight US EST). All product support by telephone or email is FREE! Although each RFP comes complete with online and offline documentation describing its usage, we are just a telephone call away if you need EXPERT help regarding both your target business application and how to use the RFP.

Q. Do I need any training to use this RFP?
A. No. This entire RFP is done in basic Excel compatible with any Windows platform back to the year 2000. No special Excel skill is needed other than opening an Excel spreadsheet and using other than "cut and paste".

Q. Can the RFP use questions that require free-form text answers?
A. Yes. This is very useful when you wish vendors to fully explain "Other" options and/or workarounds.

Q. Is a template for an "RFP Cover Letter" included?
A. Yes.

Q. Does the RFP come with a Proposal Rejection Letter template?
A. Yes.

Q. Is a template for a "Best and Final Offer" letter included?
A. Yes.

Q. Are any other tools included in the Toolkit other than the RFP Master and Evaluation Matrix?
A. Yes. A set of Workflow and Business Process Reengineering checklists, an On-Site Visit Checklist to help ensure on-site visits are as useful as possible, and the Optimized RFP Guide.

Q. Do you place any restrictions on how I use the RFP?
A. Not really. You cannot use it as a free marketing incentive, for example, you cannot give it away for free on your web site in an effort to build visitor traffic. Nor can you resell it or use it to go into competition with Infotivity in any way. Other than that there are no other restrictions.

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