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How an RFP is formatted and organized determines how effective it is!

Each Ready-to-Use RFP Template Master utilizes questions and statements designed to obtain vendor responses in a clear, consistent format that can be measured numerically against a known standard quantity. This is the foundation of quantitative analysis, which enables an accurate ranking of how well a vendor proposal fits your unique needs, and assures an "apples to apples" comparison of one proposal to another. Quantitative analysis enables the selection of the best software for your specific needs by:

  • Ensuring important business operational details are not overlooked.
  • Matching proposed software functions to your prioritized business needs at the detail level.
  • Accurately determining financial impact.

Each Ready-to-Use RFP Template Master utilizes questions optimized for use in quantitative analysis techniques that help ensure faster, more accurate software selection decsion-making and implementation project management. These techniques are based on a set of detailed mathematical procedures that accurately determines the impact a proposed system will have on your organization, and to accurately compare one proposed system to another, even though hundreds of variables may be involved. In short, quantitative analysis is a consistently performed, unbiased mathematical evaluation of how vendor responses to hundreds of individual RFP questions will impact your organization, based on your actual operational priorities. This ensures nothing is overlooked, and that all vendor proposals are treated impartially. When compared to the subjective process of making a judgement call based on a short demonstration, this type of analysis has definite advantages.

Specifically, how an RFP template is organized and formatted determines how compatible it is with quantitative vendor RFP response analysis techniques, and that is what separates a jumbled mass of questions from an effective RFP (Request for Proposal) that will help build a true solution!

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