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Make Choosing MDM Software Accurate!

MDM System RFP Template with Software Selection Toolkit - 3,810+ MDM Criteria & Up - Updated Monthly

Reliabley select Master Data Management software by using these unbiased MDM software selection templates:

  • MDM system RFP with online help & assistance
  • MDM Requirements - Detail and Up-to-Date
  • Response Evaluation Tools
  • Software Selection Template collection. 
These customizable templates contain over 3,810 MDM system selection requirements, enabling you to obtain better decision-making data during ALL steps of the MDM software selection process.

Select MDM Software Quickly

Make choosing a master data management software solution faster and more accurate.  These MDM software evaluation & selection templates and detailed MDM criteria enhance the reliability of each step in the software selection process, helping you to accurately identify MDM requirements, prepare an RFP, hold vendor demos, then evaluate & select MDM software best for your needs. Enjoy these benefits:
  • Identify ALL important MDM User Needs - All User Needs & Planning Templates are included FREE! Accurately scope your MDM project, then use the Work Distribution Chart (WDC) and/or User MDM Survey to identify user needs and workflow problems quickly and reliably.
  • Detailed MDM Requirements Identification - Prevent Fatal Omissions! This Requirements Checklist with Fit-GAP Analysis provides thousands of MDM selection criteria to ensure fast, easy identification of ALL your needed MDM functions, enabling comprehensive collection & prioritization of all MDM software requirements.
  • Quantitative Master Data Management Software RFP Preparation - Obtain Better MDM Selection Decision Making Data! - Use this MDM RFP template to quickly prepare a quantitative RFP tailored to your MDM software needs. Utilizes professionally written criteria optimized for use in quantitative vendor response analysis processes that facilitate more accurate MDM software selection decisions.
  • Actionable & Consistent Vendor RFP Responses (Proposals) - Elicit Easy to Evaluate MDM Vendor RFP Responses! - Obtain detailed MDM system responses (proposals) in a consistent, easily compared and evaluated format through the use of the built-in, automated MDM vendor input validation included in this RFP template.
  • Automated MDM Software Proposal Evaluation - Evaluate MDM More Accurately! Save Time! - Eliminate the time wasted trying to manually clarify and score vendor responses, then evaluate each vendor's proposed MDM system. Choose the best MDM software by using AUTOMATED response scoring that eliminates the need to manually score thousands of vendor responses. Quickly evaluate MDM system proposals!  

    Each Toolkit below includes a complete set of MDM vendor RFP response (MDM proposal) evaluation and comparison tools that enables you to quickly and accurately analyze vendor MDM software system proposals against your company's requirements and to each other. Scores and Ratios are calculated for suitability, supportability, financial impact, and quality are automatically calculated for each proposed MDM software system and made available in a side-by-side comparison matrix with detail heat map, scorecard, and also 3-D bar Charts:

    • Vendor MDM Software Response Quality Analysis - how good are the techniques and structures of the vendor proposal?
    • Weighted Grade Score - how suitable is the proposed system to your actual current and future needs?
    • Supportability Score - how much on-going support will a proposed software system require over time?
    • Extensive Financial Ratios - is the proposed system really a good investment?
    • Payback Analysis - how fast will the MDM software pay for itself?
    These powerful vendor response evaluation templates for MDM systems ensures impartial and accurate analysis of all competing vendor MDM software proposals at the weighted grade score, supportability, and financial levels, all to assist you in selecting the best MDM software system for your needs.

  • MDM Software Comparison - "Apples-to-Apples" comparison of MDM system features - in detailed, "heat map" format, ensures accurate MDM software selection. Select the best MDM system!        

    Each MDM toolkit includes a powerful set of MDM vendor RFP response, i.e., proposed MDM system evaluation and comparison matrix templates that enables you to easily compare and evaluate MDM software system proposals to each other as well as to your company's requirements. A detailed "Side-by-Side" MDM response comparison matrix with heat map and scorecard are displayed about:

    • MDM Vendor Capabilities Profile
    • Vendor Response Quality Analysis
    • Detailed Side-by-Side "Heat Map"
    • Side-by-Side Comparison of Proposed MDM System Feature
    These master data management (MDM) system vendor response (proposal) comparison templates ensure impartial and accurate evaluation and comparison of all competing vendor MDM software systems at the detail feature, weighted grade score, supportability, and financial levels, all to help you select the MDM software most suitable to your organization's requirements.

  • Demonstration Scripts - Ensure vendors present actionable demonstrations tailored to your needs. 

    Included in each Software Selection Toolkit is an in-depth MDM software demonstration script (a.k.a. a "demo" or a presentation script) that ensures ALL vendors demonstrate ALL of the software functionality important to your company's needs, and show them consistently in the SAME presentation sequence order. This ensures each vendor MDM demonstration can be easily evaluated and compared with others. This MDM demo script template provides the following benefits:

    • Scheduling Function allows different groups of MDM demo attendees to be scheduled for specific time slots. Demonstration sessions can be scheduled over several days.
    • Organized by Departmental Business Function, enabling different user attendee groups to see just those functions specific to their daily needs.
    • Quantitative Scoring ensures accurate, meaningful ranking of all MDM demonstrations.
    • Side-by-Side Comparison of all vendor master data management system presentation assessments at the detail level
    • Heat Map Color Highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each MDM system demonstrated.
    Use this MDM software demonstration script template to ensure that vendors show how their proposed system supports complex tasks and/or mitigates time consuming exceptions to standard business processes, or clear up any confusion found in their RFP response. Visual inspection is worth 10,000 words when choosing MDM software.

  • Select the best MDM software solution using meaningful, actionable information.

Select MDM Software More Easily

Make choosing Master Data Management (MDM) software solutions easier and more reliable.  These MDM software evaluation & selection templates use quantitative system criteria to enhance the reliability of each step in the MDM software selection process. Please see the Toolkit List at the bottom of this page.  

MDM Requirements Checklist

QUICKLY & ACCURATELY IDENTIFY ALL MDM REQUIREMENTS - Save weeks, even months, of time when identifying your MDM software needs by using a detailed requirements checklist that queries users about their needs in all MDM business processes.

These detailed MDM software requirements checklists include a full Fit-GAP analysis matrix that covers all standard MDM operational issues (see Fig. 1.0 below), and significantly reduces the time needed to fully identify and prioritize all of your firm's MDM requirements, sometimes by as much as 90%.

FIG 1.0 - Click to Enlarge
MDM requirements matrix

Comprehensive Fit/GAP ANALYSIS Features are provided in this MDM user requirements checklist to help you quickly identify, categorize, and prioritize MDM software requirements and user needs. Quickly obtain the information needed to accurately select the MDM software system best for your needs. Customizable attributes suitable for use in any MDM system environment, including PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle, Siebel, MS Dynamics, and similar.

  • Avoid Overlooked MDM Requirements! - This checklist is pre-loaded with thousands of system requirements, guaranteed to investigate all aspects of an MDM software/system acquisition and implementation.  Streamlines your MDM software selection project immediately since the chances are very good that it will remind someone of something they forgot!

Many expert MDM software consultants state you must first identify all your MDM requirements before attempting to select MDM software.  But what does the phrase "identify your MDM software requirements" really mean?  Managing the entire operational environment of any organization requires decisions about many crucial requirements.

Each of these MDM Software Requirements Checklist with Fit-GAP analysis will save you time (and money) during the task of identifying your company's critical MDM system requirements, and correctly prioritize the many software issues that must be addresed to select the best MDM software!

  • Identify a specific organization's unique and/or hidden software requirements. Answer questions such as "How could a new MDM system better handle sales orders for customized products?", or, "How can the procurement time be reduced for raw materials required for a specific special order?", plus many others. All good questions when trying to select MDM software.
  • Identify the RFP criteria required to choose the best MDM system software based on your organization's needs.
  • Determine if your current MDM software problems are the result of workflow or software deficiencies.
  • Identify the solution to each workflow issue or shortcoming in your current MDM software.
  • Establish the priority of resolving each deficiency and/or problem.
Each MDM Software Requirements Checklist with Fit-GAP comes pre-loaded with thousands of MDM system criteria presented in a form useful for doing the above tasks, all very much required when trying to select MDM software.


Select the Best MDM Software

Using the comprehensive, industry leading criteria listed below to make the right selection decision -

In-Depth MDM System Requirements

Drastically reduce, or even eliminate the time normally wasted during the MDM selection process!  Significantly lower the risk of picking the incorrect software system.  Reduce the time spent researching and developing requirements from scratch, since all templates come ready-to-use, pre-loaded with a list of over 3,810 MDM (MDM) software selection criteria (categorized below).  This enables you to immediately conduct user needs surveys, query vendors about complex MDM software systems, and conduct relevant software demonstrations - everything needed to select MDM software successfully!

MDM Software Selection Criteria:

Choose the best MDM software with these selection criteria

If you do not see what you need, or have questions about what type of MDM software system is best for your operations, please Contact Us!  We have more than 30 years of direct "hands-on" master data management (MDM) selection experience with organizations of all types, ranging from small to XEROX-size. Our MDM software advice and support is always free!


RFP Templates for MDM Software

Accurately choose the best master data management (MDM) software by querying vendors about all of your firm's specific MDM system needs. Prevent do-overs that waste time and money. Start your project on the right track by using well-focused MDM software selection questions to obtain better, more precise information from vendors, and then evaluate and select ERP system software based on your exact needs.

These detailed yet easily customized Request for Proposal template sets come (see Fig 2.0 below) pre-loaded with over 3,810 MDM system selection requirements that will enable you to quickly create an RFP tailored to your specific MDM requirements using familiar Excel Add, Delete,and "Cut and Paste" type commands. Each RFP template and selection toolkit is guaranteed to address all industry standard and many "exception case" MDM functions and processes.  Designed by experts to select MDM software using quantitative evaluation criteria, these RFP templates ensures you receive easily compared and evaluated vendor MDM software system responses (proposals).

FIG 2.0 - Click to Enlarge

These unique templates for choosing an master data management System come pre-loaded with over 3,810 MDM selection criteria to enable the precise communication of a given organization's specific MDM requirements to vendors, and then obtain consistent, quickly evaluated & compared proposals from MDM vendor about HOW they will design and implement an MDM system solution tailored to that organization's requirements in all impacted areas, including but not limited to:

  • Multi-Company (EIN) and Location
  • Multiple Langauges
  • System Platform
  • Cloud Configuration
  • Software Usability
  • Vendor Data Center
  • System Setup
  • Vendor Background
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Services and APIs
  • Inheritance Engine
  • Data Integration
  • Data Governance
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Extraction, Transformation, and Load (ETL)
  • Design and Development
  • Deployment and Maintenance
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Data Stewardship
  • Collaboration
  • Document Management
  • Workflow Processing
  • Reporting and Inquiry Capabilities
  • Security
  • Implementation
  • User Training
  • On-Going Support
Each RFP Template and Software Selection Toolkit listed below for MDM software systems enables you to easily and accurately select the MDM software system best for your needs.

  • Evaluate & Score MDM Software Proposals Automatically! - Quickly and accurately evaluate vendor master data management software / system RFP responses (proposals) with the automated response evaluation tools included with this RFP!  Avoid the time wasted by the need to manually evaluate and score each individual answer in each vendor RFP response. Avoid the errors that such a laborious task entails.

    These RFPs and evaluation toolkits include a comprehensive and customizable set of automated weighted score, supportability score, response quality, and financial ratio calculations, with results displayed in side-by-side heat-maps and comparison scorecards. These functions automatically analyze each MDM vendor's RFP response in an unbiased, consistent, and quantitative manner to provide the information needed to help you select MDM software best suited to your needs.

Use this button to view MDM System RFP Template and Evaluation Matrix screens:
              View MDM evaluation screens

Please view the Toolkit List for price information.

MDM Software Demonstration Script Template

MDM DEMONSTRATION SCRIPTS (See Fig 3.0 below) - The purpose of an master data management software demonstration is to investigate and illustrate the potential strengths and weaknesses identified in each MDM vendor's RFP response (proposal). Make sure all vendor MDM system demonstrations consistently address these issues as well as your firm's overall requirements. This template set enables each MDM software selection team member to consistently score each demonstration based on his or her priorities. Simply add the features and functions you want to see in a demo and you are ready to go! View details and examples for MDM Demonstration Script template capabilities.

FIG 3.0 - Click to Enlarge
MDM Demo Script
  • These templates are ideal for managing on-site demos that may last several days and involve different MDM user groups from several departments, each with their own set of needs and requirements. Be sure each MDM system vendor demonstration stays on schedule and addresses everything the IT and End-User team wants to see.
  • Ensures all vendor software demonstrations are easy to evaluate and compare by requiring all functionality is demonstrated in the same order and scored consistently by all team members. Ensure your MDM system selection is fast and accurate!

To view MDM Demo Script detail please click this button:
              View Demo Tools

Please see the Toolkit List for cost information.

If you have questions about using the MDM system evaluation and selection templates above, or how to select MDM software in general, please Contact Us! We have over 30 years direct "hands-on" database and software selection experience.

Advice & Support from an MDM Software Selection Expert is Always FREE!

Select the Best Master Data Management (MDM) Software System!


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All MDM system evaluation and selection templates shown on this page can be purchased together at a significant discount (see Toolkit Option #1 - BUNDLED), or each can be acquired individually, as needed (see Options 2 & 3). Each option is listed below.


BUNDLED - Includes ALL MDM System Selection Templates. - Save $149.00!

Purchase and download the Master Data Management Software Requirements Checklist, RFP Template, Vendor Response Evaluation Matrix, and Demonstration Script toolkits bundled. This bundle includes:

  • Unlimited Vendors, Staff Users, and Projects - No Questions Asked 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 3,810+ MDM Selection Criteria
  • All User Needs and System Planning Templates
  • the full Requirements Checklist with Fit/GAP Analysis Template
  • MDM Request for Proposal (RFP) Template Toolkit
    • In-Depth, Detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) Template
    • Vendor Input Validation
    • Feature Availability & Delivery Evaluation
    • Vendor RFP Response Evaluation
    • Response Quality Analysis
    • Enhancement / Cost Cross-Reference
    • Weighted Grade Scoring
    • Supportability Index Scoring
    • Optimized RFP Guide
    • RFP Documentation
    • All Cover Letter, Guide, & Checklist Templates
  • INCLUDES the full MDM Proposal Evaluation, Comparison, & Selection Template Toolkit
    • Side-by-Side Response Comparison with Heat Map
    • Vendor Response Quality Ratios
    • Response Evaluation Scorecard
    • 3-D Bar Chart Response Comparison Graphs
    • Evaluation Matrix Documentation
    • MDM Software Demonstration Script
  • FREE LIVE SUPPORT - Chat/Telephone/Email

$629.00 US         (Secure Checkout)    

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.



Buy just the MDM Software RFP Template and Vendor Response Evaluation Templates described above. This includes the MDM Requirements Checklist with Fit-GAP Analysis, Request for Proposal (RFP) Template, and all Vendor Response (Proposal) Weighted Grade Scoring, Supportability, Comparison Matrix, and Financial Ratio calculation tools. Everything needed to plan your new system, identify your true requirements, prepare a meaningful RFP, and select the best MDM software based on your requirements. This bundle includes ALL the Tools summarized below:

  • No Limit on Vendors, Staff Users, and Projects - Unconditional 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 3,810+ MDM System Selection Criteria
  • All User Needs & System Planning Templates
  • the Requirements Checklist with Fit/GAP Analysis Template
  • the MDM Request for Proposal (RFP) Template Toolkit
    • In-Depth, Detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) Template
    • Vendor Input Validation
    • Feature Availability & Delivery Evaluation
    • Vendor RFP Response Evaluation
    • Response Quality Analysis
    • Enhancement / Cost Cross-Reference
    • Weighted Grade Scoring
    • Supportability Index Scoring
    • Optimized RFP Guide
    • RFP Documentation
    • All Cover Letter, Guide, & Checklist Templates
  • INCLUDES the full MDM Proposal Evaluation, Comparison, & Selection Template Toolkit
    • Side-by-Side Response Comparison with Heat Map
    • Vendor Response Quality Ratios
    • Response Evaluation Scorecard
    • 3-D Bar Chart Response Comparison Graphs
    • Evaluation Matrix Documentation
  • FREE LIVE SUPPORT - Telephone/Email

$489.00 US         (Secure Checkout)    

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Buy only the Master Data Management (MDM) SYSTEM DEMONSTRATION TEMPLATE described above. Obtain everything needed to schedule and present quantitative MDM demo scenarios to vendors, all grouped by application/department focus. Schedule different user groups for different demo sessions, as summarized below:

  • Unlimited Number of Staff Users, Vendors, and Projects
  • Detailed Vendor MDM Software Demonstration Script Template

$279.00 US         (Secure Checkout)    

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