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Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software

MES RFP Template & Response Evaluation Matrix - (3,625 criteria)  

New Feature  RFP Response FILTERs that make reviewing and evaluating vendor responses to complex MES Software RFPs faster, more flexible, and more accurate are now INCLUDED!  Evaluate & Compare the ability of proposed MES software to support your key End-to-End (E2E) Business Processes!   View Details

This easily customized RFP template for manufacturing execution systems (MES) software contains detailed MES selection criteria for querying vendors about the features in their MES software systems.  All criteria are organized to ensure consistent "Apples-to-Apples" comparison of vendor MES responses.

  • Side-by-Side Manufacturing Execution Software Comparison Matrix COLOR CODES each MES vendor response based on availability and supportability.  This color-coding highlights proposed software strengths and weaknesses to make the comparison of vendor proposals faster and more accurate.

  • Reduce vendor response evaluation time.   This MES RFP template utilizes automated input validation to eliminate the time wasted trying to manually clarify ambiguous MES vendor responses.

  • Enjoy more accurate MES software evaluation.  Unlike a manufacturing execution system RFP that provides just one overall score, this Master calculates SIXTEEN (16) response scores for Weighted Grade Score through Supportability based on user-defined criteria about features and delivery method.

  • EVALUATION & COMPARISON TOOLS INCLUDED! Accurately compare and evaluate vendor responses to the RFP.  Insert vendor proposals into the Evaluation Matrix to compare, evaluate, and select MES software that best meets your organization's specific MES requirements.

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    This MES request for proposal enables you to immediately begin querying vendors about today's complex MES software systems in an effort to make an informed MES selection decision.

    A high-level, SUMMARY list of the business functions addressed by the 3,625 criteria in this Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Master is shown below:

    MES rfp criteria samples

    The above is just a summary level list. Many detail level features are not shown to save space. If you don't see what you need please Contact Us!

      MES software evaluation   INCLUDED with this MES Master is a full set of Vendor RFP Response (Proposal) Evaluation functions that enable extremely accurate and precise evaluation of vendor MES software proposals.  All evaluation functions can be tailored to utilize your organization's actual business priorities and operate at the detail feature level.

    To purchase and download the full MES software RFP Template PLUS the matching Vendor Response Comparison & Evaluation Tools, please click the "ADD TO CART" button below to use our secure online order form...

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