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Obtain the Best Possible System!  Send your RFP to All Qualified Vendors!

  Save Weeks, even Months, of Time by Evaluating Only the Most Suitable Systems!

Short on time or people? Not sure who to send an RFP to?  Infotivity professionals possess the detailed business process knowledge needed to "bridge the gap" between your target business procedures and the software system features required for optimum performance.  Infotivity is an independent consulting firm that provides absolutely impartial advice and resources to help enterprises select and implement new business software systems of all types.

Take a shortcut around the slow, tedious, and error-prone process of software selection by starting the project with a shortlist of just the software most likely to meet your organization's needs.  Eliminate re-work and wheel-spinning!

Save Time & Money - Using your key business goals, requirements, and priorities, Infotivity's application experts can quickly identify the most suitable software systems for your organization, then shortlist them for you to use in your detail selection process.

Impartiality - Infotivity is totally independent of vendors, accepts no advertising, and will provide you with absolutely impartial advice.

Fast Turnaround - keep your project on schedule. Let our 30+ years experience and time-proven tools works for you.

Free Up Internal Staff Time - The time required to research and develop a truly qualified shortlist is quite high, and puts a heavy burden on internal staff who already have their regular work & responsibilities.

Sample of chart illustrating how well shortlisted products compare to each other and your needs in specific requirement categories. (Time & Attendance requirements categories shown in this example.)

In business for over 30 years, Infotivity staff has in-depth expertise in almost all business applications such as Accounting, Payroll, HR, Sales Order Processes, Project Management, CRM, ERP, and many others. With direct hands-on experience in most industries and operational areas, Infotiviy staff can rapidly understand and contribute to time-critical projects by providing the application expertise, industry focus, and drive needed to meet key deadlines.

Ouickly Find Out Who to Send Your RFP to!

To get started, please complete this form with as much detail as you can. List your business needs and problems as you see them. Infotivity experts will map your needs to the software features required, then match those system requirements with today's software products and vendors.  Real people do real work here, and the more information we have about your project and needs, the better we can help you!

This is not a simplified lookup table or marketing ploy.  You will not be flooded with unwanted vendor phone calls and emails.  Infotivity protects your privacy.

Keep Your Confidentiality - At your option, your organization can remain anonymous, for as long as you want. Let Infotivity do the work, while you and your staff are protected from vendor phone calls, emails, and other sales pressures (and the time wasted dealing with them!)






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