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    Short on time or people? One way to keep any ERP, document management, or other large scale software project on track when resources are tight is to hire an outside consultant for specific tasks related to the project. Infotivity can provide consultants with in-depth expertise in BOTH the target business process and related systems functionality
   In addition to cutting-edge system and e-commerce expertise, Infotivity professionals possess the detailed business process knowledge needed to "bridge the gap" between your target business procedures and the software system features required for optimum performance.
   RFP Master Templates is used to effectively manage all requirements, quickly determine requirement prioritiess, prepare electronic RFIs and RFPs, and as a tool for quantitatively evaluating all vendor RFP responses. In short, RFP Master Templates ensures nothing "slips through the cracks", and that all pertinent issues are examined.
   Infotivity consultants can perform the following:

Infotivity is an independent consulting firm that provides absolutely impartial advice and resources to help enterprises select and implement new business software systems of all types.

In business for over 30 years, Infotivity staff has in-depth expertise in almost all business applications such as Accounting, Payroll, HR, Sales Order Processes, Project Management, CRM, ERP, and many others. With direct hands-on experience in most industries and operational areas, Infotiviy staff can rapidly understand and contribute to time-critical projects by providing the application expertise, industry focus, and drive needed to meet key deadlines.

Infotivity Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide immediately useful knowledge and other deliverables that solve client problems quickly, while at the same time maximizing client staff knowledge as much as possible so client ongoing maintenance and/or expansion costs are minimized. This mandates two mission-critical goals.

Our first mission-critical goal is to go the extra mile needed to provide outstanding quality and excellent value. for money.

Our second mission-critical goal is to be immediately responsive, flexible, and provide services and attention tailored to our client's needs at all times.

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