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Precisely Identify All Software System Requirements, including the HIDDEN ones!

Identify your system requirements and user needs more reliably and accurately by using this FREE general purpose software checklist. Useful in any software system project (referred to as XYZ Software), this comprehensive checklist template comes pre-loaded with universal, foundation-level software features and functions combined with a full Fit-GAP analysis matrix, all of which allows you to focus on your organization's mission-critical, application specific requirements using a proven framework.  This checklist tool will help you identify and categorize those hard-to-find, critical software, workflow, and compliance-driven requirements that must be addressed if a new system is to be implemented on-time and on-budget.

This software Fit-GAP Analysis checklist template covers hundreds of general purpose criteria, tasks, and processes applicable to any software application.  The screens shown below illustrates the general, foundation-level requirements included in this interactive tool. (Purchase at bottom of page.)

The "Importance Level" column enables you to easily specify HOW IMPORTANT each requirement is to your company in a consistent and quickly sorted way.  You can choose between the Importance Level options that best fit your project needs. Use 0 - 5, with 0 being not important at all.

The next column to the right, titled "Process (Category)" below, enables you to enter user-defined codes that represent the business functions, processes or software modules found in the Business Unit that is the subject of the Fit-GAP Analysis. This allows all Fit-GAP assessment results to be sorted and viewed using any special criteria needed to manage a particular project.

The next column to the right, titled "GAP Analysis" below, enables you to designate just WHERE, WHEN, and HOW MUCH of a GAP exists between your organization's current needs and the software system currently in use, and just as importantly, WHY. (See HOW Fit-GAP Analysis works and its benefits!)

The column titled "GAP Source (Location)" below, enables you to designate just WHERE a GAP exists, i.e., is it a software deficiency or a workflow/procedural problem. This knowledge is very useful when integrating a new software system with current business processes.

The column titled "REQUIREMENTS TYPE" below, enables you to designate the TYPE of GAP that exists between your organization's current needs and and the software and/or the processes currently in use.

Fit/GAP ANALYSIS - Sorting and Reporting

Quickly and Easily Sort and View Fit/GAP assessment entries by industry standard and user-defined assessment code, as shown below. Now you can almost instantly view Fit-GAP assessments sorted by:
  • Importance Level (Priority)
  • Business Process, Department, Track, or Module
  • GAP Size
  • GAP Location
  • GAP Type
The "Process" column enables you to enter codes you designate for sorting of GAP assessments by any special project need that may come up, all on a mouse click.

Reports the Number of Requirement Fit-GAP Assessments by Degree (Size)

Calculates the Percentage of GAP-Fit Assessments by Degree (Size)

Reports the Number of System Fit/GAP entries by Type

Calculates the Percentage of System GAPs by Type

RADAR Chart - GAP Percentage by Type

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