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Don't be shortchanged by a an MDM system shortlist based on just a simple online software features comparison. Why? Many critical decision-making factors are not addressed, which could result in the omission of key vendors or products that could benefit your organization tremendously. These missing decision factors can be both functional and non-functional. Just a few examples of these factors are:

  • Unusual features or functions required to support unique employment opportunities offered by the organization.
  • Unique interfaces with unions, insurance providers, and/or government entities.
  • Geographic location(s)
  • User Training
  • ...and many others!

We have collected a lot of application and industry specific information during our 36+ year history in system design, RFP preparation, software selection, and system implementation in all areas of for-profit and non-profit business, transportation, manufacturing, distribution, retail, service, government, and healthcare operations. We are more than happy to put this knowledge to work so that you receive a meaningful shortlist based on your organization's profile!

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