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What is Fit-GAP Analysis?

The easy-to-use GAP-FIt methodology enables the accurate identification of where your current software, or a planned new system, fits or does not fit your organization's needs. In the context of software requirements identification, Fit/GAP analysis is the formal process of identifying how well a specific organization's current or planned system fits that organization's requirements on a day-to-day operational basis. In other words, WHERE are problems occuring, WHY are they occuring, and HOW BAD are they?

A scenario in which the system does NOT Fit a specific requirement is known as a GAP. The term GAP is derived from the early fit asessment terms Good, Average, or Poor.

Fit-GAP analysis very quickly identifies the TRUE cause of a problem (GAP). This is important because NOT ALL business problems are caused by software. An example would be that of an outdated procedure being the root problem causing a frequent delay in processing a certain type of transaction. Performing a GAP-FIt analysis at the detail level will easily uncover these issues. Another benefit of a correctly done GAP analysis is that it forces the correct priority level to be assigned to each problem scenario, something very useful when planning budgets and implementation schedules. The Fit/GAP tools below will address ALL issuese.

When is Fit-GAP Analysis Needed?

The need for a Fit-GAP analysis can be triggered by any number of business situations. Some frequently encountered examples regarding software systems are listed below:

  • Identify Fit-GAPs in your current business processes
  • Decide on Artificial Intelligence (AI) needa
  • Determine the TRUE source of a GAP
  • Analyse each GAP by Degree of Severity
  • Rank each GAP by Degree of Importance
  • Record information needed for ALL Fit/GAP Attributes for all system, including PeopleSoft, SAP,and Oracle
  • Make a REPLACE or UPGRADE decision reliable
  • Deciding which of several systems to STANDARDIZE on
  • .....and Many Others

A GAP analysis is very helpful in collecting the information needed to answer questions such as - "Where are we?" - "Where do we want to be?" & "What do we need to do?" - in a much clearer and more detailed, concise way.

What are the BENEFITS of Fit-GAP Analysis? (See Benefit Examples Below)

The benefits of a Fit/GAP analysis are many if done at the DETAIL level. The GAP-FIt process enables the following:

  • COMPARISON of the delivered functionality of planned software to current business practices
  • IDENTIFICATION of the delivered functionality that improves current business practices and processes
  • WHERE the current or planned software system does not fit current requirements
  • WHY the GAP (problem) is occuring
  • PRIORITIZATION of the Solution
  • WHAT IS NEEDED TO Solve the Problem
  • DOCUMENTS the Benefits Resulting from of the Correction
Best of all, the actions and/or items needed to correct ALL deficiencies are now identified. This makes it very easy to obtain the cost of corrections from vendors if needed, which in turn allows you to do a very accurate Payback and Return-ON-Investment (ROI) for each competing system, giving you a very accurate way of determining which proposed system is BEST for your needs.


Fast & Accurate GAP IDENTIFICATION Made Easy!

A Fit-GAP analysis requires the identification of how well the system under consideration fits a given business requirement, and if any GAPS (deficiencies) are identified, they are recorded in a prescribed format, as shown in the Infotivity GAP template screen below. Note that the degree of the GAP is also recorded, i.e., is it a Full GAP, a Partial GAP, or No GAP, to provide the information needed to PRIORITIZE each requirement set. This process starts the creation of a detailed list of prioritized software requirements for use in all later steps of the software evaluation, selection, and implementation process, including:
  • RFP Preparation and Processing
  • Software Demonstration
  • Price/Contract Negotiations
  • Implementation
  • Post-Implementation Audit
NOTE: All Infotivity Fit-GAP Analysis templates provide extensive filtering / sorting capabilities that enable viewing just those GAPs pertinent to a given project need or perspective. (View Fit/GAP Attributes below.)

Consistent GAP LOCATION Identification

If any GAP exists, the next step is to identify where it is located (encountered). Not all problems are caused by a software deficiency. Since a GAP analysis is a formal study of each task in a given business process, determining where a problem is encountered is critical. Problems can exist in one of the following areas:

  • a Software System
  • a Business Process
Documenting this is done as shown in the screen below:


The step captures more detail regarding the specific type and cause of the problem as follows:

  • Software Functionality
  • User Interface
  • Technical
  • Regulatory / Compliance
As shown in the screen below:

Measure & Record the IMPACT of FIT/GAP Atributes

Many important GAP documentation, mitigation and/or remediation details need to be documented and managed before effective software selection and/or implementation planning can be achieved. It is very important to measure the impact that changed business procedures, changed user interfaces, the need for user re-training, and many other things (see below), will have on the organization. This is especially true during the GAP analysis performed during of the implementation of any large, multi-location system, for example, an Oracle, PeopleSoft, or SAP Fit/GAP assessment phase.

  • Detailed, searchable GAP descriptions
  • Comments/notes about important current functionality to be aware of, or current custom modifications that can be eliminated
  • Comment Notes about new system functionality that can be used to improve existing processes, or eliminate custom modifications in the current system.
  • Comments/Notes about configurations, modifications, or research that is needed.
  • Data Conversion requirements comments and notes
  • External system or entity interface requirements comments and notes
  • System test notes and comments
NOTE: Extensive filtering / sorting capabilities that enable viewing just those GAPs pertinent to a given factor, project need, or customization, are provided by all Infotivity Fit-GAP Analysis products.
NOTE: Comprehensive, user-defined weighted scoring is provided for each GAP entry in all Infotivity GAP-FIt matrices.

Fit/GAP ANALYSIS - Sorting and Reporting

Quickly and Easily Sort and View Fit/GAP assessment entries by industry standard and user-defined assessment code, as shown below. Now you can almost instantly view Fit-GAP assessments sorted by:
  • Importance Level (Priority)
  • Business Process, Department, Track, or Module
  • GAP Size
  • GAP Location
  • GAP Type
Percentage of Fit-GAP Assessments by Degree (Size)

Number Fit-GAP Assessments by Degree (Size)

Number of System Fit/GAP entries by Type

Percentage of System GAPs by Type

RADAR Chart - GAP Percentage by Type

The "Process" column accepts user-defined codes to allow sorting of GAP assessments by any special project need that may come up, all on a mouse click.


Fit/Gap Analysis is used to evaluate each functional area in a business project or business process to achieve a specific goal. It includes identifying key data or components that fit within the business system and gaps that need solutions. This technique draws on several objectives, all focused on determining key components necessary to achieve the best practice within an organization. These can be summarised as:

  • Identify the existing process
  • Identify the existing outcome
  • Identify the desired outcome
  • Identify the process to achieve the desired outcome
  • Identify GAP, Document the GAP
  • Develop the means to fill the GAP
  • Develop and prioritize Requirements to bridge the GAP
  • Develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications

Customer Testimonials:

ERP for Apparel Requirements Checklist with GAP-Fit Analysis
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Toni Fiori, ERP Consultant

Your HR, Payroll, Time and Attendance Requirements Checklist was of great use to me gathering good user requirements.
Thanks again
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FREE GENERAL PURPOSE Fit-GAP Analysis Template. This customizable template includes all the above functionality plus many global, foundation level business functions useful in any software project. It will enable you to easily perform a comprehensive GAP-FIt analysis.


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APPLICATION Specific Fit-GAP Analysis Tools are also available below. Each includes ALL of the capabilities of the General Purpose Fit-GAP Analysis Template above, PLUS each is pre-loaded with a comprehensive set of business process oriented questions to help you identify and document user needs in the application area of interest below.

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Software System Requirements Checklists with Fit-GAP Analysis Tool are INCLUDED IN THE RFP TEMPLATE TOOLKITS to help you identify your needs in the application areas listed below. All RFP toolkits covered by our 30 Day Guarantee - Please Email Us or call Toll Free 1-888-517-8669 (International 1-865-806-5137) if you have any questions

We offer software requirements with GAP analysis templates in most common application areas. If you do not see what you need, please Email or call Toll Free 1-888-517-8669 (International 1-865-806-5137)

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