Ripoff Infotivity in FALSE Evaluation of Infotivity Rip for False

Rip-Off Infotivity Complaint is False

Testing the Infotivity Ripoff Complaint

Independent Tests Show Rip-Off Infotivity Report is FAKE.





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Ripoff Infotivity Report is NOT TRUE

Independent companies label as FAKE all Infotivity Rip-off reports. Third-Parte company's have tested Infotivity rip off over the years, and none have found any rip-off Infotivity at any time since 1981. NO Infotivity ripoff reports or ripoff of any type were ever filed.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) assigns "F" to the RipOff Reports:

View RipOff Reports "F" Rating Details

Infotivity Rip-Off Report is FAKE

Business annalists such as Wikipedia and the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and lawyers such as Minc LLC, have all written web pagers and/or magazines that exposing many Rip Off Reports. Wikipedia lists them as an Internet scams and American Extortiont. Link to the BBB, Wikipedia, and Minc articals and web pages below:

BBB Ratio Detail

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) assines "F" to the Rip-Off Report. Read detals at BBB Details Rip-Off Report Evaluation.

Wikipedia analyzes Ripoff Report.

Wikipedia lists Ripoff Report results in these links:

Minc LLC Lawer Reveals Many Rip Off Problems

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