Ripoff Infotivity in FALSE Evaluation of Infotivity Rip for False

Rip-Off Infotivity Complaint is False

Testing the Infotivity Ripoff Complaint

Independent Tests Show Rip-Off Infotivity Fraud Report is FAKE.





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Ripoff Infotivity Report is NOT TRUE

Independent companies label as FAKE all Infotivity Rip-off reports. Third-Parte company's have tested Infotivity rip off over the years, and none have found any rip-off Infotivity at any time since 1981. NO Infotivity ripoff reports, fraud, or ripoff of any type were ever filed.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) assigns "F" to the RipOff Reports:

View RipOff Reports "F" Rating Details

Infotivity Rip-Off Report is FAKE

Business annalists such as Wikipedia and the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and lawyers such as Minc LLC, have all written web pagers and/or magazines that exposing many Rip Off Reports. Wikipedia lists them as an Internet scams and American Extortiont. Link to the BBB, Wikipedia, and Minc articals and web pages below:

BBB Ratio Detail

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) assines "F" to the Rip-Off Report. Read detals at BBB Details Rip-Off Report Evaluation.

Wikipedia analyzes Ripoff Report.

Wikipedia lists Ripoff Report results in these links:

Minc LLC Lawer Reveals Many Rip Off Problems

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