Ready-to-Use RFP Masters
for Digital Copiers

   This Excel-based RFP Master with over 520 CRITERIA enables you to quickly prepare and electronically distribute a Request for Proposal (RFP) for networked, digital copiers with multifunctional capabilities. Going one step further, each RFP Master also comes packaged with an Evaluation spreadsheet enabling you to quantitatively evaluate vendor proposals to accurately select the copier(s) best suited to your firm's needs. The screens shown below show how comprehensive and in-depth an RFP Master set is.

   Much more than simply a list of copier questions, each RFP Master contains a comprehensive electronic Request for Proposal (RFP) PLUS powerful vendor RFP response (proposal) evaluation tools, all in familiar Excel spreadsheet format. Each simplifies and streamlines the many complex tasks required to not only prepare and distribute an RFP electronically, but also to evaluate the vendor responses to that RFP! Enjoy the benefits of: (Click thumbnails to enlarge)

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    Comprehensive RFP questions that address all aspects of acquiring a multifunctional, digital copier with scanning, printing, or fax capabilities. View sample here.

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    Pre-configured RFP statements and questions in quantitative form designed to obtain consistent vendor answers that can be easily compared "apples-to-apples". Save weeks of RFP preparation time. Why reinvent the wheel? View typical RFP questions in Excel format here.
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    RFPs with full vendor response input validation that ensures "apples-to-apples" comparison of vendor proposals. Enjoy detailed comparisons, and more accurate scoring, with far less work. Keep you project on-schedule and under-budget. View typical Drop-Down List here.
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    Quickly comparing any number of vendor proposals side-by-side at the detailed feature level, limited only by Excel's capabilities.View typical Response Comparison here.
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    Automated Weighted Grade Point Scoring to quantitatively identify how well each proposed system suits your prioritized requirements, in detail or 3-D Bar Chart form. Easily tailored to your priorities and adaptable to RFP questions you might want to add. View sample 3-D Bar Chart comparison here.
    Everybody already knows Excel. Save time & effort across the board! No installation, no learning curve. On the flip-side, why force vendors to download special software, or learn new software, or be chained to the Web, just for an RFP? You do not want vendors to "PASS" on your RFP.
    Proven Excel technology.
    Fully and easily customizable using standard Excel techniques.

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      Obtain vendor responses that address all aspects of acquiring networked, multifunctional copiers in a manner useful for both selecting AND managing the implementation of a large collection of devices.

      Pre-loaded RFP questions ensure no important requirements "slip through the cracks". All questions are in quantitative format requiring consistent answers. Eliminate the days of time typically wasted trying to compare the inconsistent or incomplete vendor responses obtained by using traditional, non-quantitative RFP questions!

      Customizable Weighted Scoring.

      Automatically generate a weighted grade point "Suitability" score, based on your actual priorities, that ranks how well suited each proposed software system is to your organization's needs. You can then compare Suitability scores in detail or in 3-D Bar Chart form, as shown below.

      A typical list of possible answers displayed to vendors. All vendors MUST select from the possible responses shown, ensuring all responses can be evaluated and compared "apples-to-apples"!

      "Apples-to-Apples" Comparison of Proposed Systems

Fast, Color-Coded Software Comparison

      These comparison matrices automatically change vendor response cell background color to GREEN, YELLOW, or RED, to reflect how favorable each response is to your needs! Compared to the tedious task of reviewing hundreds of mono-color Yes/No answers, these colored responses allow problem areas to be spotted more easily, and risk assessment is made much more accurate. All required response comparison matrices are included and ready-to-use! Quickly and easily compare proposals side-by-side, feature by feature, in detailed comparisons you control!

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