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Simplifying ERP Selection

You will save weeks, even months, of time by using a fully customizable RFP template for your next ERP selection and implementation project.  Each ERP RFP is organized to ensure thorough and accurate enterprise resource planning software evaluation, selection, and implementation using quantitative methods that enable "apples-to-apples" comparison of vendor enterprise resource planning software proposals at all levels of concern, i.e., Functionality, Suitability, Cost, and Risk! 
There is NO RESTRICTION on the number projects you use this RFP in!  30 Day MONEY BACK Guarantee!

We also have fully customizable enterprise resource planning system RFPs for many industry vertical applications. Please contact us if you do not find what you are looking for. We are here to help!  Immediately locate answers to your questions in the RFP Frequently Asked Questions and Answers page and the RFP Feature Checklist!
All ERP RFP Templates listed on the right include the following:

#1 - Extensive ERP Request for Proposal (RFP) criteria -

ERP RFP criteria
In-depth ERP RFP Templates with thousands of ERP software features. All templates use full Online Help and precise input validation to vendor responses are consistent and easily compared. Perfect for use in professional services, wholesale distribution, BTO/MTO/ETO manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, process mfg, non-manufacturing, non-profit organizations, educational, and government ERP selection projects.

#2 - Powerful Vendor Response Analysis, Comparison, and Evaluation Tools (writing an RFP is one fourth of the job - evaluating the vendor responses is the rest!)

Evaluate Vendor ERP Proposals
Evaluate Vendor Responses Automatically - Calculates sixteen (16) powerful standard RFP response ratios that illustrate how well each proposal fits project requirements, which makes selecting an ERP proposal more accurate. The Ratios calculated are for Vendor Profile Score, Weighted Grade Score, Supportability Index, and many others. See the complete list of response analysis ratio included with each RFP template.
Vendor ERP Proposal Comparison
ERP Software Proposal Evaluation - Use a color-coded, "SIDE-BY-SIDE" ERP software feature comparison matrix for comparing competing vendor responses. Use this powerful ERP selection grid to compare the weighted Scores and quality Ratios of each vendor proposal. View details for ERP system comparison. Boost the accuracy of any ERP software evaluation & selection effort. Included in all RFP templates!
Vendor ERP Proposal Analysis
Graphical ERP Software Analysis Bar Charts - View a wide variety of 3-D Bar Charts that analyze vendor RFP response advantages and disadvantages. Learn how competing vendor ERP solutions react under different operating environments. See more information about ERP software evaluation ratios. Improve the ERP evaluation & selection process immediately! These are part of all RFP template toolkits!
cost savings analysis
EASILY CALCULATE IMPACT RATIOS - Calculates planned software financial impact ratios such as Yearly Savings, Payback Period, Return on Investment (ROI), Net Present Value (NPV), and Internal Rate of Return (IRR).   More details...  
ERP selection criteria
ERP Planning These step-by-step How-To guides and checklists are perfect for planning an ERP software system. EXTREMELY USEFUL planning guides and ERP software selection requirements.


Infotivity provides the most detailed RFPs in the industry for accurate ERP selection. More information about acquiring ERP systems can be seen at: MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association) and the American Purchasing Society

ERP RFP Templates Available for:

Repetitive, Discrete Manufacturing

Engineer-to-Order (ETO) Manufacturing

ERP Non-Manufacturing - generic (for Distribution see below)

ERP with CMMS - Non-Manufacturing

ERP & CTI - Manufacturing

ERP & CTI Non-Manufacturing

ERP for Distribution Industry

ERP for Mining

ERP - Auto / RV / Motorhome Dealer

ERP - Construction, Road & Other Heavy Equipment Dealer

ERP for Food Processing

ERP for Process Manufacturing

ERP for Non-Profit Organizations

ERP for School Districts


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