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Planning a new ERP software system and/or trying to justify the need for one? This FREE tool can help you do just that!

This is not just a sample, it is an extremely easy to use tool that is completely free. Use this tool to start the ERP planning process off right. It will enable you to quickly identify the day-to-day operational needs of all users in the enterprise. Start off simple, get as detailed as needed! Perfect for starting the process of determining the "AS-IS" state of a current application area.
Identify all the causes of workflow bottlenecks and wasted time in the business processes encountered in General Ledger (G/L), Fixed Assets, Accounts Payable (A/P), Inventory Management (INV), Requisitioning, Purchasing (POM), Quote Processing, Customner Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Order Processing (SOP), Point of Sale (POS), Invoicing, Accounts Receivable (A/R), Warehouse Management (WM), Time & Attendance (T&A), Payroll (PR), Human Resource Management (HRM), Manufacturing (MES), Job Costing, and many others.

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