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Discrete ERP Software Selection Toolkits - 5,678 Criteria - Updated Monthly

The best way to identify discrete manufacturing enterprise resource planning software requirements, prepare an RFP, evaluate vendor responses, hold demonstrations, and select ERP software accurately.

Designed specifically for selecting software, these software selection "toolkits" provide the actionable information and guidance needed to reliably choose software. Quickly select discrete ERP software by using these quantitative requirements, RFP template, evaluation matrix, and software demonstration toolkits:

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This documentation describes the tasks required to select software successfully,
then shows how these templates are used to perform each step needed to:
Select manufacturing ERP software quickly and accurately!

Tools for Selecting Discrete Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Listed below are time-saving toolkits for each step of the discrete Mfg ERP software selection process:

Use this toolkit if you need is to identify ERP user needs and software requirements, but are not sure if you will be using an RFP.

Use this toolkit if you need to prepare and send an RFP to vendors, then evaluate the resulting vendor RFP responses (proposals): -------------------

This video shows how the above RFP template and tools help you at
each step of the Discrete ERP software selection process to:
Save time and obtain better results.

If you need to hold vendor demonstrations this next toolkit is perfect:

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Discrete ERP Software Selection Requirements Criteria

These integrated software evaluation and selection toolkits utilizes the industry's most comprehensive collection of manufacturing ERP requirements criteria, including Bill of Material, Product Costing, Material Requirements Planning, Sales Order Processing, Master Production, Shop Floor Control, Scrap Management, Regulatory Compliance, and many others.

A summary-level list of the feature criteria categories found in these templates is:

discrete manufacturing erp selection requirements list
The above is just a high-level, summary list. If you don't see what you need please
Contact Us!

Discrete Mfg ERP Software RFP template

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Buy All DISCRETE ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP) SOFTWARE SELECTION TOOLKITS BUNDLED - Download one Zip file containing all the template toolkits listed above. Get everything needed to perform all steps of the manufacturing ERP software selection process faster and more accurately. Save over 40% compared to purchasing each toolkit separately. This Master Toolkit bundle includes:

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ERP SOFTWARE REQUEST for PROPOSAL (RFP) TEMPLATE and RESPONSE EVALUATION TOOLKIT BUNDLE - Purchase and download just the Enterprise Resource Planning Software RFP and matching Vendor Response Evaluation Matrix toolkits. This bundle includes:

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REQUIREMENTS CHECKLIST w/GAP-FIT ANALYSIS TOOLKIT - The most effective way to identify and prioritize system requirements. This checklist contains well over 3000 business operational level manufacturing enterprise resource planning functions and processes designed for gathering end user needs, determining the cause of those needs, then prioritizing their resolution and/or mitigation. Covers all aspects of ERP software applications.

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DISCRETE ERP DEMONSTRATION SCRIPT TOOLKIT - A very detailed script that enables any number of staff members to assess all or part of a vendor ERP software demonstration.

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If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

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More advice and tips are available at How to Select ERP Software

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View all available RFP templates for all Enterprise Resource Planning!

Vendor System/Platform Demonstration Scripts are available at:

Software System Demonstration Script List.

Just starting a project and need a good software system Requirements Fit-GAP template?

Obtain a Generic Fit-GAP template here.

Looking for a qualified, local system selection consultant? An Infotivity-certified consultant offers the expertise and tools needed to provide valuable advice & services at each step of the system platform selection process! Let us recommend a certified consultant!

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