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Save weeks of time by using a detailed, fully customizable software demonstration script template (listed alphabetically below).  Each Demo Script is organized to ensure a consistent and thorough, accurate evaluation and selection using quantitative methods that enable "apples-to-apples" comparison of vendor software demonstrations at all levels of concern, i.e., Functionality, Cost, and Risk!  Plus, there are NO limits on how many of your projects you use it in!
Each Demo Master template can be used to acquire on-premise and cloud or web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) since requirements for ALL are included.  In addition to an extremely detailed demonstration script template, a comprehensive set of Vendor System Demonstration Comparison & Evaluation tools are also includes an integrated, customizable toolkit for weighted grade point response scoring, automated evaluation, and side-by-side comparison of vendor demonstration assessments. Make selecting the right software easier with a Demo Master!

We also have fully customizable demonstration scripts for many industry specific and vertical applications. Please contact us if you do not see what you need. We are here to help! If you need more than one demo script please call or email for a quantity discount!


Accounting Software - Generic      
Computerized Maintenance Management (CMMS)      
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)      
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Ecommerce      
Document Management System (DMS)      
Enterprise Content Management (ECM)      
Ecommerce Systems      
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - Discrete      
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Non-Mfg      
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with CMMS for Non-Mfg      
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Food Distributors      
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Distributors      
Build-to-Order (BTO) Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)      
Configure-to-Order (CTO) Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)      
Engineer-to-Order (ETO) Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)      
Make-to-Order (MTO) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)      
Facilities Software      
Facilities & Hotel      
Human Resource Information System (HRIS)      
Human Resource & Payroll      
Human Resource, Payroll, Time and Attendance      
Manufacturing Execution System (MES)      
Point of Sale (POS) - Retail      
Point of Sale (POS) - Restuarant      
Supply Chain Management (SCM)      
Time and Attendance (TA)      
Warehouse Management Software (WMS)      
Workflow Management      

   If you have your OWN questions already but need a generic demonstration script template $169.00      

   We are positive you will find the above Demo Scripts ideal for your software requirements planning, evaluation, and selection needs!

30 Day Guarantee - If you are not satisfied within 30 days just contact us and we will refund your money. Call or email for full details.

If you do not see what you need please call 1-865-806-5137 or email us at info@infotivity.com - we have many specialized Demo Scripts. If you need more than one please call or email for the appropriate quantity discount!

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