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Unbiased ERP Construction System Requirements Checklist & Toolkit - 3,759 Criteria   No Vendor Influence!

Features for Construction ERP Software

Comprehensive Construction ERP features and requirements to help you make the BEST ERP software decision:
  • COMPLETE identification of ALL ERP Construction requirements, including the hidden ones!
  • PLUSE:
  • ALL Findings of Importance Level of All ERP features to your organization.
  • ALL Identify HOW WELL features and workflow in the CURRENT system work or performance.
  • ALL Record the Performance or Need for Real-Time proceses.

Construction ERP System Requirements

The Table of Contents below illustrates the broad range of requirements included.

Easily Identify All Construction Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Requirements, including the HIDDEN ones!

Just starting the project, and need to identify Cunstruction requirements before you know what is best to do? For example, should you upgrade to a new version of your current Construction ERP system, or install a totally different system, or what? This detailed Cunstruction requirements template, in stand-a-lone form to keeps cost down, is perfect!
This construction ERP requirements checklist includes 3,759 criteria, tasks, and processes, and is certified to cover ALL industry standard requirements.  Including AI, real-time, and automation criteria also! 
Why purchase an RFP just to review features for possible needs, when you may not need an RFP at this point?

Construction ERP Features Importance

The "Importance Level" column enables you to easily specify HOW IMPORTANT each requirement is to your company in a consistent and quickly sorted way.  You can choose between the Importance Level options that best fit your project needs. Use 1 - 5, with 1 being not important at all, or the ones currently shown below - Mandatory, Planned, Nice to Have, etc..

The next column to the right, titled "GAP" below, enables you to designate just WHERE, WHEN, and HOW MUCH of a GAP exists between your organization's current needs and and the contract software system currently in use, and just as importantly, WHY. (See HOW Fit-GAP Analysis works and its benefits!)

The column titled "CATEGORIES" below, enables you to designate just WHY a GAP exists, i.e., is it because of a ERP software deficiency or a workflow/procedural problem. This knowledge is very useful when integrating a new software system with current business processes.

The column titled "REQUIREMENTS" below, enables you to designate the TYPE of GAP that exists between your organization's current Construction ERP needs and the software and/or the processes currently in use.

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Construction ERP Requirements Checklist w/Fit-GAP Analysis

This Consruction ERP Features Checklist includes ALL functions and processes shown above and listed below
  • 4,108 requirements - Updated 02-22-2022
  • Fit-GAP Analysis
  • User Needs Survey
  • Importants Level for Construction
  • Workflow Identification
  • Problem Survey
  • Cost/Savings Rating
and all are available for download. Benefit from ALL the tools required to select the best Construction ERP click the "Add to Cart" button below.

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