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Select TMS Software Accurately

TMS System RFP Template & Software Selection Toolkit - 3,200 Criteria - Updated Monthly - Purchase at Bottom

Quickly & accurately select transportation management (TMS) software best suited to your company's needs by using the unbiased RFP template, TMS requirements, evaluation matrix, and software selection tools contained in this toolkit.  These easily customized templates are pre-loaded with over 3,200 TMS System Selection Requirements, and will save you time and money during all steps of the TMS software selection process.

TMS System Selection Made Easier

Choose transportation management software quickly and accurately! This Toolkit includes all of the templates listed below, and utilizes over 3,200 TMS system selection criteria to make the TMS software selection process easier, faster, and more accurate. Obtain everything needed to identify requirements, distribute a meaningful RFP, evaluate vendor proposals, and accurately select TMS software, including:

Select TMS Software Reliably

Make choosing transportation management (TMS) software solution easier and more reliable.  These TMS software evaluation & selection templates use quantitative TMS system criteria to enhance the reliability of each step in the software selection process.


TMS Requirements Checklist

This detailed TMS software requirements checklist with a full GAP-Fit analysis matrix covers all standard TMS operational issues, and will significantly reduces the time needed to fully identify and prioritize all of your firm's TMS requirements, sometimes by as much as 90%. Helps ensure you choose the best TMS software!

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TMS requirements matrix
QUICKLY & ACCURATELY IDENTIFY ALL TMS REQUIREMENTS - Save weeks, even months, of time when identifying your TMS software needs by using a detailed requirements checklist that queries users about their needs in all TMS business processes.

Comprehensive Fit/GAP ANALYSIS Features are provided in this TMS user requirements checklist to help you quickly identify, categorize, and prioritize TMS software requirements and user needs. Quickly obtain the information needed to accurately select the TMS software system best for your needs. Customizable attributes suitable for use in any TMS system environment such as SAP, Oracle, Siebel, MS Dynamics, and all others.


Select the Best TMS Software

with these -

Comprehensive TMS System Requirements

Eliminate wasted time during the TMS selection process!  Minimize the risk of picking the wrong system. Reduce the time spent researching and developing requirements from scratch, since all tools are ready-to-use with a list of over 3,200 transportation management (TMS) software selection requirements (categorized below).  This enables you to immediately conduct user needs surveys, query vendors about complex TMS software systems, and conduct effective software demonstrations - everything needed to select TMS software successfully!

NOTE: The importance of using detailed, quantitative selection criteria, and how to easily identify them, are found in How to Select TMS Software.

transportation management software (TMS) requirements

Please Note: The above is just a summary list of TMS requirements categories in graphical format. A MS Word version of the above TMS system selection criteria plus many others is available in our FREE MS Word RFP Template download.

If you don't see what you need, or have questions about what type of TMS software system is best for your operations, please Contact Us!  We have more than 20 years of direct "hands-on" TMS experience in operations ranging from small to Walmart-size. Our advice and support is always free!


Choose the Best TMS Software!


RFP Template

Accurately choose TMS software by querying vendors about all of your firm's specific TMS software needs. Prevent do-overs that waste time and money. Start your project on the right track by using well-focused TMS software selection questions to obtain better, more precise information from vendors, and then evaluate and select TMS system software based on your exact needs.

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This detailed yet easily customized Request for Proposal template comes pre-loaded with 3,200 TMS system selection requirements that will enable you to quickly create an RFP tailored to your specific TMS requirements using familiar Excel Add, Delete,and "Cut and Paste" type commands. This RFP template is guaranteed to address all industry standard and many "exception case" TMS functions and processes.  Designed by experts to select TMS software using quantitative evaluation criteria, this RFP template ensures you receive easily compared and evaluated vendor TMS software system responses (proposals).

To view TMS software RFP Template and Evaluation Matrix screen samples please click this button.
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If you have questions about using the templates above, or how to select TMS software in general, please Contact Us! We have over 30 years direct "hands-on" TMS experience ranging from two store operations to Walmart.

RPF with comparison and evaluation toolkit -


Buy the Transportation Management System RFP Template and Vendor Response Evaluation Templates described above. This includes the TMS Requirements Checklist with Fit-GAP analysis, Request for Proposal (RFP), and Vendor Response Evaluation Templates. Everything needed to select the best TMS software based on your requirements. This bundle includes ALL the Templates, summarized below:

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Unlimited Staff Users - Unlimited Vendors - Unlimited Projects

If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Help and Advice from a certified TMS Software Selection Expert is Always FREE!

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View all available RFP templates for selecting a Warehouse or Transportation Management (TMS) Software System.

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Looking for a local consultant to help with your transportation management system selection project? An Infotivity-certified consultant offers the expertise and resources needed to provide valuable assistance at every step of your TMS system selection process! Let us recommend a certified TMS software selection consultant!

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