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Define a Comprehensive Software Project Scope

Quickly and accurately identify the full extent of a planned project, including external system interfaces & compliance issues. A time-saving tool when planning an on-site or a web-based software system.

One of the leading causes of software project failure is an inaccurate or incomplete project scope definition, a.k.a. the "project domain". A comprehensive project scope definition is a detailed list of: Deficiencies in any of these areas can lead to inaccurate system planning, overlooked requirements, unrealistic scheduling, and under estimating of the costs and/or time needed.

This template enables you to quickly and accurately identify the full scope of the project. It is very important to know which business process are involved, what the data elements should be, which data is generated internally and which is coming from external sources. A time-saving tool when planning for on-site CRM software or a Cloud-based system solution.

This FREE CRM Project Scope checklist can be used in conjunction with other free Infotivity tools to quickly identify a very robust, comprehensive set of CRM requirements. For example, you can easily identify labor inefficiencies and productivity bottlenecks with the free Work Distribution Chart (WDC) tool. Lastly, you can identify critical user needs with the free User Needs Survey. Download ALL THREE by completing just one form below.

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