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Each RFP Template Toolkit includes the time-saving templates listed below:

Toolkit Components

Each RFP Template Toolkit includes the following templates to help you during each step of the software selection process, as needed to select the software best suited to your organization's requirements:
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Template - a Ready-to-Use RFP containing thousands of criteria designed to effectively query vendors about the software solution they offer to fulfill your firm's needs. This is the only file you need to send to vendors.
  • Evaluation Matrix - a Side-by-Side Vendor RFP Response (proposal) Comparison tool. This matrix compares individual response feature details side-by-side using a color-coded "heat map" to illustrate quality. In addition, this tools provides comparison scorecards for Weighted Score Suitability, Suppportability (Risk) Score, and Bar Charts illustrating overall quality for each proposed software.
  • Requirements Checklist with GAP-Fit Analysis - Enables you to accurately document software and business process requirements in a consistent and detailed manner using industry standard GAP-Fit Analysis techniques. Easily identify where a GAP exists, it's extent, and the source of the GAP. This tool also calculates a score for each to facilitate detailed comparison.
  • RFP Layout & Usage Documentation - an MS Word document describing the organization and usage of the RFP.
  • Evaluation Matrix Usage - an MS Word document describing the organization and usage of the comparison matrix.
  • Selection Readiness Assessment - a risk assessment matrix checklist focused on software acquisition and implementation projects.
  • The Optimized RFP Guide - an ebook that document outlines the best procedures for creating custom RFP questions. Designed for off-line use.
  • Work Flow Requirements Checklist - a Workflow data requirements checklist.
  • Work Flow Procedure Planning Checklist - a Workflow Procedure Planning checklists.
  • Cutover Conversion Matrix - a Go-Live checklist for conversion to the new system.
  • Project Backgroun Template - a guide to developing an informative Project Background useful to vendors.
  • Current System Overview Template - used to assemble a Current System Overview to educate vendors.
  • Invitation to Respond Letter - an MS Word Invitation to Respond cover letter template.
  • Change Notification Letter - an MS Word Change Notification letter template.
  • Rejection Letter - a template for a Rejection letter in MS Word format.
  • Best and Final Offer Invitation - a Request for a Best And Final Offer letter template.
  • Cost Saving Analysis - a spreadsheet for calculating various Financial Ratios.

Each RFP Template Toolkit provides the above tools to save time and money at every step in the software selection process, from user needs gathering to RFP processing to system implementation. To view a detailed information about a specific RFP & download working samples, please use the button at the bottom of this page to display a list of available RFP Template Toolkits.

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