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This Manufacturing ERP selection toolkit contains a set of unbiased RFI/RFP Templates, ERP Requirements, and Evaluation Matrices utilizing 5,678 criteria, all designed to save you time and money at every step of the manufacturing ERP software selection process. This enables you to quickly and accurately select discrete manufacturing ERP solutions optimized for your organization's needs. Use these tools to:

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Embedded Business Enablers Included:

In addition to querying vendors about a comprehensive set of discrete manufacturing ERP requirements (see below), this toolkit also questions vendors in detail about embedded enterprise-wide functionality that could increase ROI using real-time, on-demand tools for reducing waste, increasing productivity, and responding to customer needs.

NOTE: This ERP RFP template uses extensive, in-depth criteria for Web/Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in addition to traditional on-premise software. All aspects of Cloud systems are covered, from Administrative Tools to Data Center issues to Security Defensive Measures (see topic categories below)
These ERP selection tools enable you to immediately begin querying vendors about today's complex ERP software systems in an effort to make an informed ERP selection decision.

A SUMMARY Level List of the function categories addressed by the 5,678 criteria in this Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) RFP is shown below:

discrete manufacturing erp selection requirements list The above is just a partial list. If you don't see what you need please Contact Us!

ERP software evaluation INCLUDED with this RFP is a comprehensive Discrete Manufacturing ERP Evaluation & Comparison Tool Kit that enable extremely accurate and precise evaluation of vendor RFP responses (proposals). All evaluation and ERP selection functions can be tailored to utilize your organization's actual business priorities and operate at the detail feature level.

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