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Document Management RFP
              - Save Time When Preparing Your RFP
              - includes a matching Vendor RFP Response Evaluation & Comparison Toolkit
              - Save Even More Time When Evaluating Vendor Responses!
              - Includes criteria for SaaS, Cloud and on-premis server-based computing

The easily modified Document Management System RFP template contains 1,216 features and functional requirements needed in a successful document management software (DMS) implementation.  This DMS system RFP template helps you prevent overlooked requirements, control implementation costs, reduce support, and save time & money during each step of your DMS selection and implementation.   All with a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!
(Download a Free Document Management RFP Sample at the bottom of this page.)

Easily identify all pricing discount and other vendor concession opportunities by using the Best and Final Offer (BAFO) capabilities included in this Document Management RFP template to help ensure you obtain the best system for the least cost.

The document management RFP template automatically validates vendor responses.  This enables you to obtain vendor RFP responses (proposals) specific to your organization's unique needs in a consistent, easily evaluated manner.  Enjoy fast, accurate, and easily understood "Apples-to-Apples" comparison of competing vendor RFP responses (proposals), all the way down to the individual feature level.  The Document Management RFP contains feature & functional criteria for:


Client/Server O.S. Disk Array Support OCR/HWR/IWR
Network O.S. Supported Scanners Data Processing
Imaging Standards
Document Capture &
Computer Output to
Laser Disk (COLD)
Automated Document
Document Search
and Retrieval
Web Interface Workflow Processing Version Control
Check In/Out, Annotations Cloud Confiquration
Enterprise Reporting Cloud Administration System Support

Follow this link to view a MORE DETAILED list of the criteria categories.

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document management evaluation   All competing vendor proposals can be inserted into the Evaluation & Comparison Matrix, included with this Document Management RFP Masters, to analyze, evaluate, and compare the functional capabilities of each proposed document management software, and identifies which document management best meets the complex requirements of a specific organization.  Unlike an RFP that provides just one overall numerical score, this Document Management RFP Master calculates both a Weighted Grade Score and Supportability Score based on very easy user-defined criteria weighting.
To see all evaluation & comparison tools included with this document management software RFP Click Here!

No-Nonsense 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Document Management Software RFP
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