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Document Management Software Requirements Checklist & Selection Templates

Easily select document management (DMS) software by using the templates and tools shown below. Each uses criteria from a list of over 1,216 requirements to make each step of the DMS software selection process faster and more accurate.

These easily modified Document Management Software selection templates are guaranteed to contain all industry standard features and address the functional requirements needed to choose the best system, and enjoy a successful document management software (DMS) implementation.  

Enjoy fast, accurate, and easily understood "Apples-to-Apples" comparison of competing vendor DMS software products, all the way down to the individual feature level.  All document management software selection tools and templates automatically validate responses as needed.  This enables you to obtain information specific to your organization's needs in a consistent and easily evaluated manner.  

In-Depth DMS Requirements

The Document Management templates and tools contain feature & functional criteria for:

Client/Server O.S. Disk Array Support OCR - HWR - IWR
Operating Systems Multifunctional Devices Data Processing
Imaging Standards
Document Capture &
Enterprise Report
Management (ERM)
Automated Document
Document Search
and Retrieval
Web Interface Workflow Processing Version Control
Web Forms Dashboards Routing
Check In/Out, Annotations Cloud Configuration
Enterprise Reporting Cloud Administration System Support

Follow this link to view a MORE DETAILED list of the requirements criteria.

The DMS evaluation and comparison tools listed below help prevent overlooked requirements, control implementation costs, reduce support, and save time & money during each step of your DMS selection and implementation.

DMS Requirements Checklist

This detailed DMS software requirements checklist with a full GAP-Fit analysis capability will save weeks, even months, of time when identifying and collecting DMS software needs.

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dms-Fit-GAP Analysis
ACCURATELY IDENTIFY ALL DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS - Use this detailed Document Management User Needs Assessment Survey to remind users of requirements in each business process at the detail level, then let them indicate what is needed and not needed.
An easy-to-use GAP/Fit assessment function is provided in this DMS user requirements checklist to help you quickly identify, categorize, and prioritize DMS software requirements and user needs.

View details about this Requirements Checklist w/GAP-Fit Analysis:
              View DMS Requirements Checklist

RFP Templates

Precisely choose the BEST document management software (DMS) by querying vendors about all of your firm's specific DMS software needs. Prevent do-overs that waste time and money. Start your project on the right track by using well-focused DMS software selection questions to obtain better, more precise information from vendors, and then evaluate and select DMS software based on your exact needs.

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Quickly create an RFP tailored to your specific DMS requirements.  Designed by experts for selecting DMS software, this detailed yet easily customized Request for Proposal template comes pre-loaded with thousands of software selection requirements guaranteed to address all industry standard and many "exception case"DMS issues.

To view this DMS RFP template and download a sample please click this button.
              View List of RFP Templates

Document Management Software Evaluator

This template is very useful if you need to interactively compare a previously identified software short list in a consistent, quantitative manner, or, need to consistently collect detailed software information from many vendors at a trade show.

DMS requirements matrix
DMS Evaluator - Ideal for making your final DMS selection decision with DMS Requirements Matrix - !

For more information about the DMS Software Evaluator use this button:
              View DMS Evaluator

DMS Software Demonstration Script Templates

DEMONSTRATION SCRIPTS - The purpose of a DMS software demonstration is to investigate and illustrate the potential strengths and weaknesses identified in each vendor RFP response (proposal). Make sure all vendor DMS demonstrations consistently address these issues as well as your firm's overall requirements. This template enables each DMS software selection team member to consistently score each demonstration based on his or her priorities. View details and examples for Demonstration Script template capabilities.

To view DMS Demo Script detail please click this button:
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