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Identify All Accounting Software Requirements, including the HIDDEN ones!

Precisely identify all software requirements and user needs using this comprehensive accounting software requirements checklist.  This unique accounting software features checklist presents thousands of features and functions, combined with full GAP-Fit analysis, to ensure your organization's specific accounting requirements are identified completely.  This includes the hidden "exception case" requirements that could be lurking in any organization's business processes and operating procedures.  Some examples are rules that start with "We've always do it that way except...", or similar.  This software requirements checklist tool will help you identify those hard-to-find, critical accounting software needs that must be addressed if a new system is to be implemented on-time and on-budget.

This accounting requirements checklist includes thousands of criteria, tasks, and processes, and is certified to cover all industry standard requirements.  The main Table of Contents shown below illustrates the broad range of requirements included.

The "Importance Level" column enables you to easily specify HOW IMPORTANT each requirement is to your company in a consistent and quickly sorted way.  You can choose between the Importance Level options that best fit your project needs. Use 0 - 5, with 0 being not important at all, or the ones currently shown below - Mandatory, Planned, Nice to Have, etc..

The next column to the right, titled "GAP" below, enables you to designate just WHERE, WHEN, and HOW MUCH of a GAP exists between your organization's current needs and the accounting software system currently in use, and just as importantly, WHY. (See HOW Fit-GAP Analysis works and its benefits!)

The column titled "CATEGORIES" below, enables you to designate just WHY a GAP exists, i.e., is it because of a accounting software deficiency or a workflow/procedural problem. This knowledge is very useful when integrating a new software system with current business processes.

The column titled "REQUIREMENTS" below, enables you to designate the TYPE of GAP that exists between your organization's current accounting needs and the software and/or the processes currently in use.

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