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Select ERP Software Accurately

Quickly and reliably choose ERP software best suited to your organization's requirements by using the most comprehensive ERP selection tools available for:

Save weeks, even months, of time during each step needed to gather ERP user needs, then evaluate and select ERP software. Included are all the ERP requirements checklist and evaluation templates needed to make the best ERP software selection. Each includes the tools listed below to help select ERP software that meets ALL your needs. Make the best ERP choice more accurately and easily!

ERP Software Selection Tools

Using UNBIASED ERP software requirements, evaluation tools, and selection guides is critical when choosing ERP software for any industry. The key to selecting ERP software successfully is to use detailed and impartial ERP requirements in all user needs assessments, RFI/RFP templates, evaluation matrix at each step of your ERP selection process. INCLUDED in each ERP Selection Toolkit are:

ERP selection criteria
ERP Selection Requirements - Enjoy step-by-step requirements checklists for ERP selection. These include in-depth Fit-GAP Analysis capabilities and are ideal if you are planning an ERP system or collecting ERP selection requirements.
ERP RFP criteria
Detailed ERP RFP Templates (a.k.a. models) with thousands of ERP software requirements. Each utilizes vendor response validation to ensure consistent, "apples-to-apples" vendor RFP response comparison and evaluation. Available for discrete, process, and BTO/MTO/ETO manufacturing, professional services, non-profit, non-manufacturing, educational and wholesale distribution ERP selection needs. View the complete list of ERP RFP templates.
Evaluate Vendor ERP Proposals
Automated Vendor Response Analysis - Automatic calculation of sixteen (16) industry standard RFP response analysis ratios crucial for accurate ERP evaluation and selection. Ratios are calculated for Weighted Grade Score, Supportability Index, Vendor Profile Score, and many others. View the full list of RFP response ratio calculations included for accurate ERP selection.
Response Quality (Feasibility) Scorecard - Side-by-Side Detail Level Comparison - Scorecard comparing the feasibility of vendor proposals compared side-by-side at the detail level. Evaluates and compares the methods each vendor is using to provide the functionality needed for their proposed software solution. Ideal for making an informaed ERP selection decision.
Vendor ERP Proposal Comparison
Vendor ERP Comparison & Evaluation - Use a color-coded, "SIDE-BY-SIDE" ERP feature comparison matrix to compare competing vendor proposals. Use the ERP selection matrix to compare all the Scores & Ratios. View more details for ERP software comparison. Ensure the accuracy of your ERP evaluation & selection process. Packaged with all RFP templates!
Vendor ERP Proposal Analysis
Graphical ERP Software Evaluation & Comparison - Examine a wide variety of color-coded, 3-D Bar Charts evaluating competing vendor proposal strengths and weaknesses. View competing ERP systems from different perspectives. View more details for ERP system evaluation ratios. Utilize enhanced evaluating techniques to select ERP software more accurately. Part of all RFP template toolkits!
ERP requirements matrix
Short List Evaluator - If you already have a short list of vendors then you can make your final ERP selection decision quickly and accurately with this ERP Requirements Matrix - included!
Extensive Financial Ratio Calculation - Calculate ratios and other financial data inicating how proposed software will impact your organization's finances immediately and long term into the future. Calculate and compare these key financial ratios side-by-side: Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Payback, Net Present Value (NPV), Present Value (PV), and many others.
Post Implementation Audit - All RFP templates enable the ability to match specific vendor invoices and amounts with specific functions that require customization of some kind. In essence, the RFP become a very accurate and detailed implementation audit tool. Very useful for verify all the functionality that you based your selection on has been deivered, and in expediting Earned Value Management (EVM).

ERP Software Selection Guide

Select the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software most suitable for your organization's unique ERP requirements by using the ERP selection guides and tools included in each Software Selection Toolkit:

Available for ERP selection projects in most distribution, government, non-profit, professional services, educational, and manufacturing environments.

Save time! Streamline the process of selecting ERP software with in-depth ERP requirements checklists, ERP system criteria and features.

The system planning and ERP software evaluation, selection, and implementation techniques discussed in this section are focused on maximizing benefits realization through the proper ERP selection decision.

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