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Need unbiased request for proposal (RFP) templates & response evaluation tools to make the best software selection? Those below save time and $$ during each step of selecting the best software.

Infotivity RFP Templates will help you choose the best software quickly and accurately since each comes with extensive, state-of-the-art application requirements plus in-depth Software Evaluation & Selection Tools plus a Scorecard that streamlines ALL steps of the software selection process. This includes the requirements checklists, RFP templates, response scorecard, software selection guide, and evaluation tools needed to select the software best for your organization:

The Key to Accurate Software Selection

If you don't query vendors in detailed about how their solutions address ALL your requirements, then how do you really know which is the best choice? There isn't enough time to see everything in one, two, or even three software demonstrations! Many questions go unanswered. This fact is why experts say "Investigate ALL requirements before selecting software". Just as the correct key is needed to unlock a door, a DETAILED Request for Proposal (RFP) template is the key to a successful software selection.

FREE Selection Readiness Assessment Checklist


This FREE template will start your software selection process on the right path! This tool analyzes over 200 criteria that control a selection project's success or failure, and is ideal for project planning and change management.  Use this checklist to ensure all resources needed to select the best software for your organization's requirements are in place!  The survey enables users to easily evaluate the current state of a project. This helps improve the results of any software evaluation and selection effort.

Request for Proposal Tools - RFP Templates

Accurately choose the right software! Prevent expensive do-overs and other time-wasters by using these in-depth requirements templates. Now you can put your project on the fast track to success by using certified software selection questions to elicit better, more precise information from vendors, and by evaluating and selecting software based on your exact needs. The selection templates below can be used individually or as an integrated group.

Designed specifically for selecting software, these extremely detailed Request for Proposals templates enable the creation of an RFP tailored precisely to your needs.  Available for over 100 application areas, each of these highly customizable RFP Templates is pre-loaded with thousands of software selection requirements guaranteed to address all industry standard and many "exception case" issues. And each comes with a matching software evaluation matrix (scorecard). Organized by business process, these RFP templates can be used as detailed user requirements checklists in addition to eliciting proposals from vendors in any software acquisition project. View RFP functionality & questions at the example RFP Templates page, or this link for ERP selection tools.
  • Uncover Hidden Requirements - Use a Request for Proposal (RFP) template to quickly and thoroughly conduct in-depth software requirements identification and gathering activities to ensure all business and user needs are addressed. Use the button below to download RFP examples to see how detailed they are.
  • Avoid Fatal Omissions - These specialized Request for Proposal templates contains a highly detailed collection of system requirements and Cloud/Web-based SaaS operational & security evaluation questions to investigate all aspects of a proposed solution.
  • Prevent False Starts when evaluating, selecting, and implementing Cloud-based or On-Premise systems. A comprehensive set of ratios, scorecard, and comparison functions for software RFP response evaluation ensures thorough investigation of all vendor system proposals.

To obtain RFP templates and examples please view the RFP applicable to your desired application.
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INCLUDED with All RFP Templates Above: (SAVE $169.00!)

Software Selection Templates


System Evaluation and Selection Toolkit - Comparing and evaluating vendor responses (proposals) to an RFP can be very time consuming. Now you can make the vendor proposal evaluation and selection process faster, more accurate, and more consistent!  These tools and templates provide weighted grade scoring, functionality heat maps, detailed side-by-side comparisons, and response quality analysis ratios. Vendor RFP responses are scored at all levels - functionality, operational, and financial. This ensures the best software is chosen, i.e., an optimized software selection that fits both your requirements and budget.

Review all software evaluation and selection tools.

Quickly Identify Requirements in Detail

Need to identify user needs? Send the detailed software requirements found in an Infotivity RFP template (model) to all users, then let them identify what is and is not important. This helps focus selection efforts more precisely. Infotivity RFP Templates are excellent sources for this type of user requirements checklist. These detailed checklists & templates act as a "memory joggers" to help users remember the time-wasting issues they face daily. Infotivity RFP templates contain more requirements than other RFPs, and quickly become a software selection guide that helps prevent crucial needs from slipping through the cracks.


The following tools are helpful if you are just starting to plan a new software selection project and want to ensure the best system is chosen:

Software Selection Planning Tools & Guide


PROJECT SCOPE, REQUIREMENTS CHECKLISTS & JUSTIFICATION - Starting to plan a new system?  These tools can guide the way to success!  Use this collection of detailed software planning, justification, and selection templates to determine the optimum project scope, then use an in-depth user requirements checklist to uncover the Hidden & Exception requirements in existing business processes.  Use these checklists to verify that a software proposal addresses ALL potential sources of savings before it is selected. Helps focus your RFP criteria weighting to reflect your actual priorities. Ideal for use by a business owner, analyst or software consultant.

View a list of the software system planning tools.


The following tools are helpful if you have already issued a Request for Proposal (RFP), identified a vendor short list, and are now looking for ways to conduct consistent software demonstrations to ensure the best software is selected:

Software Demonstration Script Templates

DEMONSTRATION SCRIPTS - Ensure all vendor demonstrations consistently address your organization's needs as identified in your Request for Proposal (RFP). Each Demo Script Template enables all software selection team members to score each demonstration based on his or her priorities. Compares the scores of demonstrated software, whether it be on-premise or web based. View details and examples for Demonstration Script template capabilities.

  • Ensure each demonstration stays on schedule and covers everything the IT and End-User team needs to see in the time allotted. These templates are ideal for managing on-site demos lasting several days involving multiple user groups. Investigate proposed software weaknesses uncovered in each vendor RFP response (proposal) to your Request for Proposal documents.
  • Ensures all vendor presentations are performed consistently, with all functionality demonstrated in the same order in the same amount of time.
  • Detailed Analysis and Evaluation functions identify each demonstrated product's strengths and weaknesses. Ensure the best selection decision is made.

To obtain Demo Scripts and samples please click this button to view the one applicable to your planned application.
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Maximize Software Selection Team Productivity

Free requirements lists, RFI/RFP sample templates, and examples provided by vendors are notoriously biased. Don't waste many hours of time trying to search them out on the Web, then manually trying to paste them together just to produce an incomplete requirements checklist. And don't waste even more time manually preparing and evaluating an old-fashioned paper-based RFP Request for Proposal, or installing then learning new RFP software

Each detailed Infotivity Request for Proposal template and matching requirements checklist is a fully integrated, ready-to-use RFP, complete with a matching decision matrix toolkit for vendor response evaluation that streamlines the tasks involved in identifying your business needs, mapping each business process, then selecting and implementing the software system best suited to your firm's prioritized needs.  Ensure a more productive process for requirements gathering then evaluating and selecting software is put into place.

Enjoy Faster System Payback

Why settle for using just RFP examples?  Used around the world since 1989, all Infotivity RFP Template Masters contain comprehensive criteria for selecting software, are fully CUSTOMIZABLE, and are guaranteed (certified) to address all industry standard criteria. In addition, all RFPs query vendors with questions about real world software requirements using quantitative software selection techniques as outlined by the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and CMMI Institute.

Click here to view real-world RFP Templates with detailed RFP questions for your desired application. Follow this link for ERP software selection.

Each Request for Proposal template comes complete with a comprehensive software proposal evaluation matrix to help ensure your process mapping, system planning, system comparison, response evaluation, and system acquisition decisions are based on ALL the critical requirements needed for successful system selection and implementation, whether it be a traditional on-premise software or Web/Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS). Use the above requirements checklist, RFP templates, evaluation matrices, and other in-depth tools for selecting software to make the BEST decisions possible. All products are covered by our 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee, and telephone support is always FREE!

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